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Metal caps are supplying in Viet Nam


Metal caps are supplying in Viet Nam

We are supplying the following caps:

- Twist caps (Metal closures): 38,43,53,58,63,66 and 82mm,

- Snap-On Pry-Off Aluminum Caps: 65mm,

- Full Aperture Easy Open Ends (EOE): 73 & 83mm,

- Peel-Off foil Ends (POE): 99mm

Contact us at for further assistance. Many thanks!

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Simpana® Software Solutions introduction to your Data Manager!

Protect, manage, search and access data across the enterprise Modernize your data protection and management operations without the complexity of multiple point products and silos, and discover the unparalleled advantages of Singular Information M... View more
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1353978200 | Other

Looking for a Business Development Manager: Dynar Educaiton Services & EIPA Recruitment

are looking for creative, enthusiastic staff who can help us develop
our growing business in the Vietnam market. We want staff who can
think outside the box and find innovate ways to help us develop our
business with limited resources.

Duties For EIPA (Teacher Recruitment Service):

  • Building
    a database of schools in HCMC area. Researching competition and
    building an information database to use for marketing.

  • Contacting
    schools and making appointments to inform them about our recruiting

  • Dealing
    with inquires from prospective customers.

  • Implementation
    of marketing strategy and tracking of marketing effectiveness.

Duties for Dynar (General and Business English classes).

  • Dealing
    with student inquires, making appointments for placement testing.

  • Tracking
    student payments and invoices.

  • Helping
    create brand awareness online using social media and various
    parenting/teaching forums (updating them with new information)

  • Giving
    input into marketing ideas and strategy and helping to implement
    and track effectiveness.

  • Occasionally
    translating as needed.


working time and location.

and bonus structure payment.

low pressure environment, we are interested in the results and
completion of assigned tasks.

learn more about us at:

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1353948462 | Other

Introducing a new way to "Fine Dining" with 50% discount for 2 in Saigon

Club50 proudly presents our Dining Privilege program, which provides 50% discount for 2 persons at high-end restaurants in HCMC.

Please take your time to visit our website at  for our product information.

You also may call our toll-free hotline 1800 8166 for consulting service.

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Inox giá rẻ và gia công & lắp đặt sản phẩm inox, sắt rẻ-đẹp-chất lượng

Mặt hàng kinh doanh của công ty chúng tôi:
- Buôn bán inox: ống, hộp, tậm, cuộn
- Gia công & lắp đặt sản phâm inox, nhôm kính, sắt: ví dụ như : cửa, cổng, cầu thang, lan can, thùng, khay,....

Xin liên hệ:
H/P: +84-988466252 / 04.39503573
Skype: quocthi1167

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Tranhoang consultancy Co., are recruiting business manager

we need a business Manager to widen our business in selling inox, construction, inspection service & audit service in vietnam.
Title: Manager
Qualification: any but the most importance: you can bring cstomers to company
Working time: discussion
Salary or deposit: discussion
Pls, contact with us:
Tell: 84-4-39503573

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Looking for job: compliance auditor in vietnam

I have long time working in HR & CR Manager and have many experience in complaince audit, Factory audit, C-TPAT audit, container loading supervision. Now I want looking for job in complaince auditor position.
Pls, contact with me as below:
Skype: quocthi1167

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