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1403831198 | Other

Who wants to be Marketing/ Social Networking Admin (HCMC, VN)

Please send your Resume and Application in English to:



Deadline for application submission:  15 July J2014

Newly-graduated students are encouraged to apply for the post.

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    glenn Payac

    Posting ads on designated websites;

    - Contributing to and
    involving in the Company’s digital marketing strategy and activities;

    - Surveying info online;

    - Translating documents (English – Vietnamese and vice versa);

    - Other duties as assigned by the related supervisors.

    Long-term member of a number of social networks most reliable and popular in

    - Knowledge on SEO & SEM (an advantage);

    - Capable to produce precise translation (English – Vietnamese and vice versa);

    - Good research skills;

    - Fluent English skills (verbal and written);

    - Honest, straightforward, proactive, energetic, common sense and loyalty (a

    - Able to work independently with minimum supervision and commit to the agreed
    number of working hours per day.

    Working hours:- At
    least 90 hours/ month to start with

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    Tram Pham

    What are the requirements ?

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1403763352 | Other

ww.Licogi Cần tìm kiếm Giám đốc dự án. hồ sơ gửi về

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1403572102 | Event

Tham gia hội thảo chuyên đề pha chế Coctailk do cty Diageo-Khôi Việt tổ chức. Free 100%, được cấp GCN, Đk: Kim Loi 0909991074


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  • Kim Loi Nguyen's picture
    Kim Loi Nguyen

     Bạn nào có nhu cầu liên hệ đk hạn cuối trước 25/06 nhé.

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1403519719 | Event

Family Festival - Ngày Hội Gia Đình Sao Nhí

Kính gửi các anh/chị phụ huynh,Thân mời các anh/chị tham gia chương trình "Family Festival - NGÀY HỘI GIA ĐÌNH SAO NHÍ" với cuộc hội ngộ của 500 gia đình Doanh Nhân với nhiều nội dung vô cùng hấp dẫn dành cho các thành viên tham dự.Cuộc thi Sao... View more
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Cho thuê phòng học, tổ chức hội thảo, Teabreak.... giá cả hợp lý đầy đủ tiện nghi. liên hệ: Kim Lợi : 0909991074

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1403511073 | Other

Career Transition survey - Manpower Vietnam

Have you ever thought about “CHANGE YOUR JOB”
Do you want to embrace NEW CAREER OPPORTUNITIES?
Are you curious about “REASON FOR LEAVING” of your colleagues?
It only takes 10s to complete this survey and leave your personal email, Manpower Vietnam will keep you updated on labor market information.

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1403503209 | Other

Export Specialist

I am working for Export Specialist position to work for FMCG at Cu Chi. If you interested in please kindly send your updated profile to email : Br/Thanh

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