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T­ư vấn du học Nhật Bản - Chương trình Du học vừa học vừa làm - thu nhập 1.700USD/tháng

Liên hệ: - 0917.812.577


Liberty đang có chương trình giảm phí cho bảo hiểm oto từ 10% - 20% - Vui lòng liên lạc 0913 822 568 Ms Khuê

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English Improvement for New Job Position

Hello dears,

I am going to manage Department of Projects and International Cooperation. I want to organize a Translation and Interpretation Class ASAP. Following are details:
- Teacher: Mr. Than (University of Languages and International Studies - VNU)
- Time: 1-2 Lecture(s)/1 week (at weekend, starting on August ASAP, at least 15 lectures)
- Place: Mr. Than's flat (with necessary equipment and tools) - Nguyen Khanh Toan Str., Cau Giay Dist., HN
- Fee: 1.000.000VND/1 lecture (for total members, excluding materials if any)
- No. of members: Up to you, 5-10 members expected for fun :)

Anyone wanna join with me? Please reply me then I will give you my contact.

Thank you and hope to receive your interest :)

  • Hoa Dang Ngoc PMP®'s picture
    Hoa Dang Ngoc PMP®

    It's a little bit far from my home and works. This is very good idea, sharing knowledge and sharing cost.
    Did you mean:: if have 10 members join with you on the class the price is 1.000.000 per lectures, then each just have to pay 100.000 per section? So all the course for 10 with 15 lectures will be just 1.500.000 each.

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1318491946 | Event

"The Insider Talk - Insights from the Inside" Seminar

A seminar featuring speakers from PwC, VSIP, Hong Leong Bank, DAVILAW and Colliers Internaitonal.

Cliick to
for info.

Click to for registration.

One seminar not to be missed. For more information, please email to


Easily create great looking personalized mobile webapps

Create great looking personalized mobile webapps to present your company, your work or yourself

Easily create FREE (or paid) HTML5 mobile webapps with maps, image gallery, RSS feed and much more!

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1318478086 | Event

14th Meeting Point Business Event: The Future of Travel is paperless.

"Meeting Point" is a professional social business event which is held after working hours at a relaxed, up market location. Since 2009 our events have been attended by hundreds of local and foreign business professionals. A Meeting Point Business Event offers a good chance to make new contacts and friends and for sponsors to get access to a very select audience of professionals

This Meeting Point’s presentation will be about Future Travel Trends. Traveling may soon be virtually paperless, thanks to some new technology that makes nearly everything electronic.

Flying has changed from a luxurious activity into a day-today topic, and the process of air-travel has been modified to be as simple as: Paper-less and seamless travel.

This presentation is for the modern traveller. Discover the how easy travel will be in the upcoming years at Citynetevents Meeting Point on October 13th.

More information at


I am looking for Recruitment Partners in Vietnam that specialise in the Insurance and FSI Industry

I am due to join a global Life Insurance and Financial Services company and i am looking to build relationships with Recruitment Partners in Vietnam that specialize in Life Insurance and Financial Services industry.

Can anyone recommend any local companies in Vietnam that focus on these vertical areas?

For direct respondents, please contact me via Anphabe, or please feel free to drop me an email to for the initial contact. I will then respond back from my official email once i have established your credentials.

Please only contact me if you can demonstrate expertise in the Life Insurance and Financial Services sector.




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