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Thinh Phan

Software Developer at NTT DATA Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) - 49 connections

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  • Current:
    Software Developer at NTT DATA Vietnam
  • Past:
    • Java Developer at New Star Medical (NSM)
    • ERP Developer at Blowfish Information Technologies Inc (BITI)
  • Education:
    • Vietnam, Vietnam
  • Connection:
    49 connection(s)


Years Experience: 1.5

Target: Learn about Organization and Management Experiences (Human, Time, Risk, ...)

* Summary:

+ An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) developer has experience in ERP system developing, get requirements from customer, the capability in team works and challenge projects.
+ Experience in software development: Build applications for various Platforms (C/C++/C#/VB/Java in Window, C/C++ in Linux, Python in Linux and Windows).

* General knowledge:

+ Software Engineering: having a good knowledge of Software Technology (the processing to implement software project, how to implement the project …)
+ Computing Network and Telecommunication: network foundation, routing protocols, router configuration …

* Operating System:
+ Windows and Linux

* Programming Languages:
+ Basic: C/C++, C#, VB, Java, Python
+ Web: JSP + EJB 3.0, ASP.NET, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, Web Service
+ Report:
- Crystal Report (Java, .Net)
- Jasper Report (Java)
- Pxgo OpenOffice Report (Python)
+ Translation: poedit – A tool is used for translation in the Multi-Languages Applications.
+ Others: Regular Expression, SVN

* Database:
+ MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL

* Foreign languages:
+ English

* Other skills:
+ Team working
+ Observant
+ Decisive
+ Steady in one's difficulty
+ Good at research
+ Hard working, interested in discovering strange and new techniques …

  • Job Function:
  • Industries:
    IT - Software/E-commerce, Telecommunications
  • Job Level:
    Experienced (Non-manager)


  • Software Developer

    NTT DATA Vietnam
    October 2011 - Present (9 years 1 month)

    NTT Data Vietnam:
    (NTT Data Global:

  • Java Developer

    New Star Medical (NSM) Health/Medical Care
    December 2010 - September 2011 (9 months)


    4.2.1. TelPACS

    * Introductions:
    + Teleradiology Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (TelPACS) represent the Technological core of a modern, digital, radiology department. Although their core function is storage, distribution, and display of medical images, they have taken on an increasingly important role in the entire workflow of the radiology department. A TelPACS ideally replaces all stand-alone, single-modality.

    * Responsibility:
    + Developing:
    - Develop at PACS Server (Java Projects):
    PACS Server's Reports
    User Management
    - Develop at Web Form PACS Client (Java Project):
    - Fix bugs at Windows Form PACS Client (C# Projects):

    + CSS:
    - PACS configuration Support at the Thong Nhat Hospital (Ho Chi Minh City)
    - Survey and setup the PACS with the leader at the An Giang Hospital (An Giang Province) and Thanh Vu Hospital (Bac Lieu Province).

    * Achievements:
    + Techniques:
    - EJB
    - AJAX
    - Regular Expression
    + Reports:
    - Crystal Report (Java, .Net)
    - Jasper Report (Java)
    + Building & Packing:
    - Build and pack the PACS Server on Linux.
    + Others:
    - Communication skills and working with the customer.

    4.2.2. CIS

    * Introductions:
    + CIS (Clinic Information System): This system can help us to manage centrally Patient Information, Schedules, Membership ID, and Insurance Verification.

    * Responsibility:
    + Fix bugs at Reports module.

    * Achievements:
    + Techniques:
    - Hibernate
    + Reports:
    - Jasper Report (Java)

  • ERP Developer

    Blowfish Information Technologies Inc (BITI) IT - Software/E-commerce
    January 2010 - December 2010 (11 months)


    4.1.1. OpenERP Project – Hoan My Hospital's ERP

    * Introductions
    + OpenERP is an open source ERP system. The system was written in Python. The purpose is to manage internal and external resources, including tangible assets, financial resources, materials, and human resources. Its purpose is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders. Built on a centralized database and normally utilizing a common computing platform, ERP systems consolidate all business operations into a uniform and enterprise-wide system environment.
    + HoanMy Hospital's ERP Project: A customization OpenERP project for Hoan My Corporation ( There are some modules being developed: Human Resource, Financial and Accounting, Stock and Pharmacy, Procurement and Purchase, Sales.

    * Responsibility:
    + Analysis, Design and Code for the Purchase and Procurement modules.

    * Besides, I've researched about some technical issues:
    + Debug the OpenERP Server.
    + Improve the Report module with: Pxgo OpenOffice Report.
    + Translation Tool: poedit.

    * Achievements:
    + Communication skills and working with the customer. Such as getting the customer's requirements.
    + Knowledge about the Accounting and ERP Processes.
    + Knowledge about Document Design.
    + Strengthen coding skills about: Linux, Python, PostgreSQL.

    4.1.2. OpenERP Project – Petro Viet Nam Engineering's PVE-RMS

    * Introductions:
    + This project built a Human Resource Management and Document Management system for a core division of PV Engineering JSC ( Petro Viet Nam Engineering and Consulting Center. This project was also developed basing OpenERP Framework.

    * Responsibility:
    + Rebuild OpenERP for Windows platform
    + Research about the Report Modules
    + Pack and Deploy OpenERP System for the Customer
    + Customer Support

    * Achievements:
    + Communication skills and working with the customer. Such as technical supports.
    + Knowledge about the low level dependencies libraries of OpenERP System.


  • Vietnam (Vietnam)

    Bachelors , Information Technology – Computing Network and Telecommunication
    2004 - 2008

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