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Thanh Hoan Truong

Category Development Manager at Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage
Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) - 194 connections

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  • Current:
    Category Development Manager at Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage
  • Past:
    • Shopper Marketing Manager at COLGATE PALMOLIVE VIETNAM Ltd.,
    • Short Term Assignment in Thailand at COLGATE PALMOLIVE VIETNAM Ltd.,
    • Retailer Enviroment Manager at COLGATE PALMOLIVE VIETNAM Ltd.,
    • Category Development Manager at AAA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
    • Trade Marketing Executive at AAA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
    • Sales Supervisor at Australian Milk Company
  • Education:
    • ESCP-EAP European School of Management-Ecole supérieure de Management, France
    • Cantho university, Vietnam
  • Connection:
    194 connection(s)


With 10 years of solid experiences on trade marketing and shopper development, I do love to become a Senior Trade Marketing Manager in a multinational company; work in an active environment with precious opportunities for career advancement.

  • Job Function:
    Trade Marketing
  • Industries:
    FMCG - Household / Personal Care, Food/Beverage/Dairy, Pharmaceutical/Biotech
  • Job Level:


  • Category Development Manager

    Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage Food/Beverage/Dairy
    June 2015 - Present (5 years 3 months)

    Category Development Manager is responsible for developing and managing the Suntory Brands growth in volume (RCs) and value (8oz) to capture the market opportunities by managing channel strategy and the 5Ps tactic by each channel based on the shopper’s insight and trade expertise. Category Development Manager is also at the center of a gross-functional organization as the link between Marketing Team/ Finance Team/Procurement Team/ Sales to develop strategies and tactics and excellent execution/ communication plans of the Suntory Brands in line with channel strategy.
    • 5Ps strategy of Suntory Brands by each channel TT/MT/KA
    Leading shopper and trade insights and performance assessment to develop the right 5Ps model (product, pricing, promotion, placement and POSM) through the complexity among channel: Traditional Trade/ Modern Trade/ Key Account. By applying 5Ps model has driven the volume growth of Tea+ over 60% in 2015 and continuously keeping the high growth rate in 2H 2016.
    With the complexity of channel management in the beverage market, category manger has to manage the product flows into the marketing in an effective way to avoid the conflict pricing among the sub-channels.
    Delivering the vision of TOP 3 preferred manufacturer by retailers through the strong customer engagement program.
    • Assessment of Suntory Brands and Category performance by channel breaking down location, geographic and having the strategic, tactic plan with clear KPI/ Objectives.
    Assess the performance internal (volume/ distribution) versus the external the industry to see where the TEA+/CCL are and provide the full presentation of category to have the strategic as well as the tactic plan.
    Monthly delivery one time in full the overview report of the market, category with the crystal clear of issue/ opportunity and the amplification
    Leading the business planning process in monthly basis with Marketing to deliver the integrated winning plan in the market
    Communicate comprehensively the integrated plan to cross functional team to make the plan happen flawlessly in the market.
    Design and manage the loyalty program for each channel such as WS loyalty program for WS channel, CLUB loyalty program for Grocery/ Café/ Eatery channel based on the 5Ps strategy by sub-channels.
    Delivery brand image at store level through the initiative and effective communication tools at stores such as RACK/ VISICOOLER/ SIGNAGE etc…
    • Excellent In-store Communication
    Develop the suitable tools (TOT/POSM) in each channel to communicate the brand’s massage, the new products, and the consumer’s activities in or out stores following by specific campaign. Design tailored made POSM by outlet types/locations to encourage the retailer in joining with the initiative communication plan.
    Winning in-stores and gain the retailer’s support as well as enhance the relationship through integrated communication plan across channel
    Ensuring customer and field staffs engagement through the high impact display contest and customer conference
    Having the special campaigns in each location reflecting the typical culture activities/ peak seasons such as trade fair, festival, summer etc…
    • Forecast Management
    With the high seasonal effects, forecast management is playing significant role in the job of category management to be sure that full supply in the low as well as the high season.
    Watching out, foresee the competitor’s activities to adjust the forecast appropriately avoiding of out of stock of classified SKUs.
    • Budget Management
    Managing the budget of Suntory Brands including of fixed D&A, S&D, A&M Push spending as plan by each channel, by each customer to deliver the business goals
    Ensure that the budget spending is compliance with the company policy
    On monthly basis present YTD & YTG expenses to Top Management to highlight opportunities and risks in the budgetary plans

  • Shopper Marketing Manager

    December 2013 - Present (6 years 9 months)

    The Shopper Development Manager is responsible for developing and implementing the distribution network as well as the activation plan that supports the objectives of Go – To – Market Strategy and developing shoppers. Lead the development execution of brand/category solutions & activities for Customer/Channels based on fully integration of shopper, customer and channel insights.
    • Contribution in Business Strategies by:
    - Developing and establishing the new distribution network model throughout the deep data analysis in alignment with Go-to-Market strategy to expand the distribution through the solid connection among the Hub-Distributors, Sub- distributors and Wholesalers.
    - Build up the appropriate policy and KPI for the HUB-Distributor and SUB-Distributor in alignment with the cooperate policy.
    - We conducted the project called MAP MY VIETNAM in 2014. The purposes of the project are to build the bigger distributors, engage distributors for growth and expand the distribution network to increase distribution in rural areas. I am the key member of the project to drive it successfully. The result is we have reduced the number of ineffective distributors from 128 to 78 high effective distributors, opened 125 sub-distributors in remote areas where Colgate has never covered before to expand the distribution. The project is still on progress until April 2015 but for the first step of evaluation, we have found that the result is far expectation in areas have done the MAP MY VIETNAM. We feel highly confident to submit the project for winning YOU CAN MAKE DIFFERENCE award for the upcoming cycle.
    • Strong In-store Execution
    - Develop the robust visibility program in-store by strictly following Available – Visible – Irresistible guideline.
    - Construct and Manage a very strong merchandiser forces to execution the in-store visibility program.
    - The great combination of using POSM to stand out the image of Colgate in stores.
    - Establish the KPI/ Policy to measure the effectiveness of the program and merchandiser working.
    Achievements: Developing Irresistible Display to drive growth in wholesale channel 70% in 2014
    I have set example and inspired field team to conduct irresistible display in 1,000 wholesalers nationwide to win the in-store execution where the display has never been done before. The Irresistible display has driven growth in wholesaler channel +70% versus last year and has driven the coverage of STFB Toothpaste from 34 to 37 points of numeric distribution.
    • Financial & Budget Management
    - Management of budgets for the category by channel and customer as the plan.
    - On monthly basis present YTD & YTG expenses to Man-Com to highlight opportunities and risks in the budgetary plans.
    Achievement: Growing Shampoo Sachet 65% in Traditional Trade Channel while saving GTN 3% in 2014.
    By identifying shampoo sachet is the biggest opportunity for growth of Colgate-Palmolive Vietnam in 2014 based on the deep analysis both internal and external data. I have designed the strategy program as well as the execution guidelines for the execution team to grasp the opportunity for growth of shampoo sachet by driving distribution throughout the distribution and display program in strategic wholesalers. The result is growing shampoo sachet 65% in 2014.
    • Internal and External Customer Satisfaction & Communication
    - Build and maintain interdepartmental relationship to ensure smooth cooperation and effective internal quality across departments & units.

  • Short Term Assignment in Thailand

    October 2013 - December 2013 (2 months)

    STA is the global program applied for local talented employees to develop the next generation of management. The program is designed for employees going to abroad to work, learn and enhance the knowledge in the global environment. I have selected to join this program in Thailand for 3 months. During the assignment period, I had a chance of learning a lot of best practices which were shared and applied by Colgate in Asia, Africa and Latin. I also worked closely with Retail Marketing Team in Thailand on:
    - Developing 5Ps strategy for each channel based on shopper insight and trade expertise.
    - Developing Must Sales SKUs in 2014 by each channel based the deep knowledge and professional analysis internal as well as the external data.
    - Improve the in-store visibility program to be irresistible display and learning how to utilize irresistible display to expand the distribution in traditional trade channel.
    - Learn the experience of building Yearly Budget and manage Gross – To – Net to be more effective.

  • Retailer Enviroment Manager

    July 2011 - September 2013 (2 years 2 months)

    The Retail Environment Manager is responsible for developing and managing channel strategy and the 5P tactics for each of their retail environments based on shopper and trade expertise. The Retail Environment Manager works closely with both Consumer Marketing and Customer Management to develop strategies and tactics and execute against the category, brand, channel and account strategies. The Retail Environment Manager plays an integral role in enhancing demand through Colgate's customers in a specific channel and in a cost-effective way by:
    • Developing trade segmentation and Go to market strategy
    - Coordinating with Customer Management and Consumer Insights the segmentation and validation of retail environments based on shopper profiles
    - Development of a Go to Market Strategy which defines the role of service providers, identifies the pricing flow for key SKUs, and ensures distribution and coverage are optimized in each channel at the lowest possible cost.
    • Leading shopper insight development and application by retail environment
    - Working in conjunction with Consumer Marketing and Consumer Insights to develop research programs: building expertise in retail environments, general shopping behavior, category-specific behavior by environment etc.
    • Assessment of CP and Category performance both internal (shipment) and external (scan data, syndicated data etc.) by channel (RE) break down by location/geographic, strategy definition and objective-setting/KPIs
    - Leading the development of a channel strategy which seeks to exploit incremental sales growth opportunities in existing, emerging and new retail environments
    - Establishing objectives and KPIs for all categories and retail environments and ensuring tracking mechanisms are in place and utilized
    - Anticipating, predicting, and proactively responding to competitive moves and tactics in the channel, and in-store programs, while benchmarking CP share of voice/activities in-store
    - Developing business plan by brand in line with achieving budgeted goal
    - Tracking, reviewing and modifying channel and account plans to ensure Colgate is driving consumption off the shelf cost effectively and brand objectives are achieved within channel and customer P&L guidelines
    - Conducting pre and post analyses of customer and channel promotions, developing a library of performance history, and adjusting business plans based on results to drive improved return on investment in all types of trade spending
    • Defining 5P strategy and tactics by retail environment
    - Applying shopper and trade insights and performance assessment to develop recommendations for product, pricing, promotion, placement and POP Media by retail environment: Big Grocery, Small Grocery, Market Stall, Wholesaler.
    - Ensuring Customer Management and in-store staffs are supplied user-friendly guidelines for management and execution of 5P strategies/tactics by retail environment.
    • Activity coordination and communication to Customer Management/Fair resource allocation and spending control
    - Coordinating the planning and execution of channel and account activities and communicating plans to the relevant channel/account/geographic teams and Field Sales force on time and accurately
    - Optimizing resources and leveraging trade spending among channel : customers, geographies, categories, and brands/products given Colgate's strategic direction, and ensuring fair and equitable resource allocation between customers
    • Commercial management
    - Contributing to effective business planning by helping develop channel and account- specific strategies and in-store programs which deliver the brand and channel budget, managing risks and opportunities, and leading follow up process.
    - Regular market visit and field sales contact in order to validate strategy vs. execution.
    • Designed the Go – to – Market strategy and launched successfully toothbrush Slim soft Gentle Clean, Extra Clean, Deep Clean and gained 5.0 SOM in 2012
    • Built up the proper 5Ps strategy for each channel: Big Grocery, Small Grocery, Market Stall, Wholesaler by leveraging shopper insights to drive growth in traditional trade channel 7% in 2012, 9% in 2013.
    • Saved GTN 3% and Increased 5% in total margin by driving right assortment and right promotion strategy for each channel in tradition trade in 2012 & 2013.
    • Continuously strengthened growth in wholesale channel +23% in 2013 through conducting wholesale convention for the top key wholesalers.
    • Improved on demand planning accuracy to 85%.

  • Category Development Manager

    AAA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd FMCG - Household / Personal Care
    August 2008 - June 2011 (2 years 10 months)

    Be responsible for developing and implement Go-to-Market strategy for Johnson’s baby category in order to meet established sales and market share targets.
    • Develop trade budget, monitor trade’s volume and Gross to Net against forecasts and adapt plans to drive trade performance of Johnson’s baby category.
    • Convert marketing strategy into the monthly action plans in order to boost up sales volume of Johnson’s baby category.
    • Work with the sales forces to develop competitive promotional strategy to help combat the competition.
    • Find out specific developed strategies for specific channels like Modern Trade, Traditional Trade and Pharmacy Channel to drive value and volume sales.
    • Lead in-store execution, develop POSM and display materials to strengthen brand awareness and trial of Johnson’s baby category.
    • Monitor, analyze, and evaluate trade market trends, retailer’s behaviors and competitor’s activities to identify market opportunities for growth of Johnson’s baby category.
    • Take responsibility for the demand planning and forecast accuracy to minimize the investment on the inventory.
    • Classify Johnson’s baby SKUs into class A, B, C group for better controlling the investment on trade and consumer promotion.
    • Has driven Johnson’s baby category growth at 33% by implement the program PUPILOCK in 2009. PUPILOCK is the program designed to lock the key competitors Pureen and Pegion who are growing very fast threatening to the Johnson’s baby market share.
    • Turned the business of Johnson’ baby category around in the tough period of media crisis. Johnson’s baby category has faced the heavy issues in terms of the online and newspaper channel communicating the information that Johnson’s products may cause cancer. The quick and effective actions by cross functions have helped to overcome the bad situation and continuous growing in years later.

  • Trade Marketing Executive

    AAA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
    June 2007 - August 2008 (1 year 2 months)

    • Work closely with sales team to implement monthly the marketing and trade marketing activities. Give the guidelines to team how to implement the monthly activities to maximize the result.
    • Field visit to monitor the on-field execution as well as to observe the competitor’s activities and give feedback to marketing or trade marketing manager to take action on time.
    • Following up, tracking, evaluating the program and withdrawn the experiences for the future improvement.
    • Contributing to the monthly, yearly activities by leveraging the customer insights, channel insights.
    • Take responsibility for recruiting Push Girls for executing special activation programs.
    • Prepare weekly & monthly sales reports to Trade Marketing Manager.

  • Sales Supervisor

    Australian Milk Company
    August 2006 - June 2007 (10 months)

    Main Duties:
    • Manage distributors to deliver monthly target according to company strategies.
    • Manage infrastructure, inventory, ROI of distributor
    • Build the good working environment for team
    • Coaching and retaining salesman
    • Build team work spirit and winning attitude
    • Find out and capture the opportunities for growth
    • Increase distribution and expand covering new outlets
    • Develop wholesalers to expand distribution in the remote areas
    • Achieved 129% of target in 2007
    • Managed inventory at 21 days and ROI at 2.8%
    • Opened 319 new outlets in rural areas
    • Coached and retained salesman without salesman turnover
    • Develop wholesale channel to 538 million/month vs. the last year AMS 340 million.


  • ESCP-EAP European School of Management-Ecole supérieure de Management (France)

    Masters , Marketing, Sales and Services
    2013 - 2015
  • Cantho university (Vietnam)

    Bachelors , Business Administration
    2002 - 2006


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Personal Information

  • Hobbies and Interests:
    Football, Tenis, Swimming, Reading Book

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