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Wall Street English

Wall Street English is an English Language School business with strong growth targets for new centres in existing territories, acquiring master franchises and in starting up in new countries. 

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Wall Street English

Internal Sales Manager (Relationship Manager)


Job Description

Job Description
The Internal Sales Manager (ISM) is responsible for achieving the Internal Sales Target in the center by managing the activities of the internal sales (referrals and renewals) operation while additionally cooperating with the center sales and service teams to improve overall student satisfaction in support of internal sales.

Job Responsibilities

1. Manage the activities of internal sales operation
• Be the go-between the students and all center team members. Walk the Talk of Internal Sales: Meet Students, pick and groom the most dynamic positive students, support students and all team members in their students handling
• Set both monthly and weekly internal sales plans for individual Educational Consultants (ECs), dynamically evaluate the results on a daily basis, and adjust action plans accordingly. Follow Client Fidelity Plan (CFP) appointments
• Work with ECs to ensure they successfully meet their objectives by facilitating day-to-day internal sales activities, taking appropriate measures to motivate individual commitment to internal sales, and correcting misbehaviours
           o Ensure that all of the daily CFP touch points are done by the ECs
           o Have a daily meeting with the ECs in order to evaluate the Internal Sales Actions so far and the results produced
           o Ensure that all ECs are carrying out on a daily basis referral talks, obtaining referral lead, and booking referral appointments
           o Ensure that ECs are carrying out on a weekly basis renewal presentations and referral presentations
           o Support ECs to collect deposits in the referral and renewal presentations
           o Help ECs close internal sales contracts.

2. Organize the internal sales events
• In conjunction with the Service Manager and the Center Director, plan at least three major events per month in order to generate referral shows and ensure that each EC brings referral shows to the events
• Work with the Service Manager (SM) / Center Director (CD) on the Social Club Calendar – Activities
• Get EC to organize activities in order to bring Referrals

3. Align other center activities to benefit internal sales
• Keep all center staff informed about the Internal Sales activities and performance in the center
• Coordinate efforts of internal sales with normal market sales agenda in the center

4. Provide on-the-Job training & individual coaching
• Every week conduct at least 2 training sessions on internal sales to Education Consultants/Personal Tutors/Service Officers. The topics should include but not limited to:
           o How to carry out a renewal presentation
           o How to get referral leads when carrying out referral talks
           o How to book appointments for the referral leads
           o How to overcome objections from students to provide referral leads
           o How to build trust and rapport with your students
           o How to overcome student complaints/objections
           o How to have a customer service mind set
           o How to speak professionally with your customer/student
• According to individual EC’s periodical behaviour and performance on internal sales, set coaching sessions to lead self-reflection, identify personal development and explore feasible improvement plans

5. Adhere to management policies
• Produce required documents and reports in time, e.g.,
           o Complete monthly center internal sales plan in time
           o Create and distribute weekly and monthly center internal sales analysis
• Attend and function in relevant management meetings
• Attend trainings as indicated by the management
• Implement and prompt code of business conduct

• Achieve 100% of the overall Internal Revenue (IR) target month
            o Includes hitting the lead/apt/show target monthly

Job Requirements

• Service-orientation, self-motivation, and strong sense of responsibility
• Outstanding interpersonal ability to influence and motivate people
• Strong communication skills to various types of audiences
• Excellence in situation analysis and decision-making in a dynamic environment
• High English proficiency
• Independent and self-driven
• Self-confident
• Passion for selling, achieving high targets and developing others
• Strong interest in creating and running social events

Additional Information

2017-09-12 USD

About Wall Street English

* Company Introduction:

First established in Italy in 1972 under the name of Wall Street Institute, we have been rebranded into Wall Street English in 2013 as we know nowadays. What started from an idea of developing a new way to teach people English has grown into a place with over  400 learning centers in 27 countries with an enrollment of 3,000,000 students. Wall Street English is part of Pearson, an education company. 

Currently we have 06 centers in Ho Chi Minh City and will continue to expand to end of year. Our centers are designed, built and equipped to the premium standards, thus providing teachers, employees and students with an excellent study and work environment. We place a strong emphasis on academic quality and this is reflected in our approach to teacher recruitment, development, support and management

* Why work with us? 

- We offer a unique learning method that helps people succeed in learning the English language, which opens a whole world of both personal and professional opportunities.

- Wall Street English is a fun, dynamic, experienced, hard-working and friendly working environment that exceed Client expectations every day. Our commitment to quality services and support continues to propel our growth and success. 

- We are a premier provider of motivated and highly trained consultants and professional personnel who have the unique skills and expertise necessary to help our Clients meet their individual and business goals in a cost effective manner. 

- As a company, we’ve developed and enforce a Code of Ethics. This code is designed to clarify and solidify the expectations and standards the company sets for its employees. It is our goal to hire only the best qualified people for employment opportunities available whether locally, nationally or globally.

* We provide:

• Paid professional training and development

• Opportunities for promotion and career development

• A professional international working environment

• Committed colleagues.

* Benefit:

• Competitive salary 

• Medical insurance

• Generous bonus scheme

• Paid annual leave

• Paid training

• Opportunities for advancement

• Free unlimited access to the Wall Street English Courses 

• Professional, fun and exciting work environment

• Ample opportunities to speak and practice English

We are always looking for talented people who have passions for helping people through English education. 

Internal Sales Manager (Relationship Manager)

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