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1330981138 | Other

cassava and rice buyers needed

see website for more details

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1330919801 | Event

Fabienne Berger-Remy and Richard Moore join force to discuss branding management an strategy in HN (March 8) and HCMC (March 13)

Aiming at sharing knowledge, the conference charges only VND 200,000 per person.
CFVG Conference: "What makes and breaks branding management and strategy", HN (8/3), HCMC (13/3)
Time & Venue :
In Hanoi : 3pm-5pm, March 8th, 2012 - Army Hotel, 33c Pham Ngu Lao
In Ho Chi Minh City : 2pm-4pm, March 13th
Branding experts Fabienne Berger-Remy from Sorbonne Graduate School (IAE Paris) and Richard Moore from Richard Moore Associates team up to offer their recommendations for buidling a strong brand identity and brand image.
Ms. Fabienne Berger-Remy will discuss practices, tips, and key success factors for brand management. She will also discuss how brand management functions in various departments of a company, not only marketing, but human resources, sales, strategies.
She has a broad professional experience in renowned FMCG companies, Miko-Unilever (food) and SCA Hygiene Products (personal hygiene) as Marketing Director. She is currently holding two positions as consultant and training associate director in brand management, marketing innovation and processes for companies such as Disneyland Paris, and Vodaphone (SFR). She is also a professor specialized in marketing and brand management at Sorbonne Graduate School, Paris and at the MMSS programme of the CFVG.
For his part, Mr Richard Moore will give a branding overview and explain indicators of a strategically weak brand image, the elements of effective brand image strategy and the benefits of integrated brand communication.
Richard Moore is a creative director with over 40 years of experience in helping companies market their products and services in all forms of communication media. Co-founder and formerly Chief Creative Officer of NY advertising agency Muir Cornelius Moore, where he was responsible for hundreds of marketing communication programs for clients such as IBM, AT&T and Citibank. His work has received numerous creative awards and has been featured in the US and international press. He is the first brand image specialist to be granted a license in Vietnam.
Participation fee for the conference (to be paid at the entrance) : 200.000 VND // 100.000 VND for all students, alumni, members, partners (please show your card)
Registration with your complete name, position, company, and contact information in Hanoi to Minh Chau at, 04-38691066, ext : 22 and 0904-413-746 and in Ho Chi Minh City to Nhu Nguyen at ; 08-38241080, ext : 21.

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1330656468 | Other

who do you want to borrow money ?

Hi all, thru my friend's company can offer a lending rate of 3%pa to the compnies specilizes in agricultural, seafood, furniture industry. if you know who have demanded to borrower money, pls let me know. thanks all

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1330656165 | Other


Hi all, this is my first message to all you and on the occassion of coming National Day, I would like to take this chance to say hello and wish all you enjoy the holidays with friends and family members.

I am now managing an own company on tourism, air tickets, hotel bookings, etc. and am please to exchange opinions OR ideas with all you for any matters related to travel such as how to book a hotel overseas with the lowest prices, how the insurance covered you when you are aboards, what tours can you join in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. when you are tired to go with travel company as you feel not convenient for the time, specially for those with small children. What airlines can you join with the lowest fare and conveniet time, what kind of visa do you need to apply, etc. in general, we can handle a small thing for you while you save your valuable time on the great thing.



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