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Plant Quality and Engineering Manager at Twin City Die Castings
Minneapolis, Minnesota (United States) - 7 connections

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  • Current:
    Plant Quality and Engineering Manager at Water Gremlin Company
  • Past:
    • Senior Quality Engineer/Manager at Adam's Thermal Systems
    • Quality Laboratory Testing/Programming Engineer at Seiler Instrument & Manufacturing Company (DCMA Military Supplier)
    • Assistant Quality Director at Heizer Aerospace & Defense (Boeing Contractor)
    • Senior Quality Line Engineer-TS16949 Certification/ISO14001:2008/Kaizen/Continuous Imporovement/GD&T at Collins & Aikman Automotive Products (Trip and Polymers)
    • E-4 Corporal at United States Marine Corps
  • Education:
    • Cape Girardeau Business and Career Center, United States
    • Canterbury Christ Church University, United Kingdom
  • Connection:
    7 connection(s)


I have 20 years experience in QMS: Value stream mapping, Lean Initiatives, TQM of Production/Quality Management/Testing both in a management and non-management roles. I am ASQ Six-Sigma Black-belt, ISO-9001/14001:2008, TS-16949, AS-9100, J-Standard Soldering, and NADCAP certified internal auditing experience. I am proficient in MS applicaions: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, MSProject, Autocad/Autodesk, Engineering-Pro, WINVCS vibration program, TracerDaq Shock program, Thermotron systems, and many others. I am a USMC Veteran of 4 years with honorable discharge, and have worked for Defense Contract Management Agency Government Military Contractor. My most recent position was working for Adams Thermal Systems as a Senior Quality Engineer/Manager in charge of all John Deere location accounts until budgeting layoffs this January. I am willing to relocate. Previously before Government contract work, I was in the Automotive Manufacturing industry for Collins & Aikman Acoustic Systems, previously Textron Automotive, a division of Bell Helicoptor Systems. I was in charge of the Lincoln Aviator Instrument Panel/Fascia production line. I am currently seeking a new opportunity to apply my lean six sigma black belt skills to a QMS (Quality Management System).

  • Job Function:
  • Industries:
    Automotive/Auto Components, Industrial/Consumer Manufacturing
  • Specialities:
     ASQ Six Sigma Black-Belt Certification
     DCMA Representative (Defense Contract Management Agency)
     GFSI Certification (Perry Johnson Inc. Registrar)
     Kaizen Planning
     Quality Consulting
     PPAP(Production Part ApprovalProcess
     Internal Auditor Certification
     TS16949/TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Administration) Certification
     ASQ ISO14001:2008/9001:2000 Certification
     NADCAP Certification
     AS9100 Certification
     Value Stream Mapping
     Visual Basic
     Intelliquence (Ford Motor Company)
     MS Applications
     SQL
     AutoCAD/Autodesk
     WINVCS/TracerDaq/Cryogenics (testing software for vibration/shock/cryogenic environmental)
     Zebra Technologies (bar-coding and sequencing software)
     Job Boss and Minitab applications
     Graphic Robotics Technology (Ford Motor Company)
     Gain Seeker (GD&T reporting system)
     C++/RPG 400

  • Job Level:


  • Plant Quality and Engineering Manager

    Water Gremlin Company
    February 2015 - Present (5 years 7 months)

     Implement short and long-range plans relative to quality assurance.

     Identify needs, and develop the quality engineering function driving CA/PA and resolution of non-conformances.
     Develop or modify quality procedures, metrics and processes to achieve quality and on time delivery goals.
     Provide direction to ensure compliance with all applicable customer requirements and government regulations involving product quality audits.
     Select and develop competent quality engineers and in plant auditors to ensure quality goals are achieved.

  • Senior Quality Engineer/Manager

    Adam's Thermal Systems
    May 2012 - January 2013 (8 months)

    Worked for a period of 8 months as a Tactical Quality Engineer at Adams Thermal Systems in Canton, South Dakota. (Responsible for all John Deere external customer accounts.) Responsibilities included: APQP Workbook, PPAP’s, PFMEA’s, 8-D CAR forms, Daily customer contact on conference calls and Cisco WebEx on quality issues.

    Skills: Six Sigma Black Belt, ISO/TS-16949
    • Reduced wasted scrap and quality rejects at customer level with external John Deere locations by 30% in a period of 8 months by finding root cause analysis, and short/long term corrective actions to improve defective assembly processes.
    • Added value stream mapping initiative to the internal flow of processes internally of parts movement within the facility to customer level; initiating a true lean-manufacturing initiative where none was presently in place.
    • Initiated and maintained outstanding internal and external customer communication with timely response and corrective actions utilizing quality consulting and waste lean reduction initiatives from internal to external customer levels.
    • Personally reduced PPM to external customer John Deere’s (JDSN) 8 different locations scorecard from a 58% level of rejected material to a 25% mitigated level in less than 8 months, by investigating root cause analysis and discovering shipping/receiving issues where damage occurred, not from manufacturing facility, and corrected issues to John Deere’s satisfaction.
    • Utilized daily continuous improvement utilizing lean manufacturing principles and excellent customer communication on John Deere’s Cisco WEBEX and conference calls with 8 different John Deere locations in Iowa and international locations as well.

  • Quality Laboratory Testing/Programming Engineer

    Seiler Instrument & Manufacturing Company (DCMA Military Supplier)
    January 2006 - January 2012 (6 years 1 month)

    (UNTIL JANUARY, DEFENSE INDUSTRY CONTRACT LAYOFF.); Working for a United States Government Contractor, utilizing electronics:Thermotron testing equipment on composite fire control targeting systems for M777/155mm Howitzers for pneumatic/pulse shock, electro-dynamic vibration, (reduce and dampen effects of vibration due to land, air, and sea travel) and cryogenic environmental testing equipment (torque wrench values ± in any world climate hot or cold) with calibrated accelerometers, (Columbia research, piezoelectric and multi-axis accelerometers) The assembly department built military products with anti-static electronic circuit boards to the final products I received finished for testing. I tested many various night-vision and fire-control systems for the United States Department of Defense contracting agencies for the US military. Machine shop utilizing Okuma, CNC, Lathes, Mazak, Makino, Water jet cut machinery, and other 5 axis machinery. (M777 LIGHTWEIGHT TOWED HOWITZER, AND MANY OTHER TYPES OF MIL-SPECIFICATION TESTING REQUIREMENTS STATED FOR BOEING AIRCRAFT, ETC.)
    • Utilized highly technical computer systems in a laboratory testing environment to generate data reports for United States government contractors.
    • Maintained excellent communication to the on-site Defense Contract Management Agency agent for shipping and quality concerns pertaining to on-time delivery performance.

  • Assistant Quality Director

    Heizer Aerospace & Defense (Boeing Contractor)
    January 2005 - December 2006 (1 year 11 months)

    POSITION: Assistant Quality Director In charge of systems analysis, on-site Japanese customer relations with KAWASAKI HEAVY INDUSTRIES (KHI), FUJI HEAVY INDUSTRIES (FHI), EMBRAER CORPORATION (CANADA OPERATIONS) assembly points for lightweight composite, air spar titanium machined wing pieces, and titanium seat-tracks with CMM true positioning, GD&T technical data packages review with customer and government source inspection on-site. (LIGHTWEIGHT POLYMERS/TITANIUM MACHINING OPERATIONS -Machine shop utilizing Haas, Bridgeport, Mitutoyo F-604, mazak, makino, Carl Zeiss CMM and 5 AXIS and 6 SPINDLE OPERATIONS)
    • Initiated an excellent customer communication and rapport with on-site Japanese and Canadian customers in daily board-room meetings.
    • Personally mitigated issues with quality and on-time delivery performance at customer level daily from a PPM customer scorecard of 70% to 40% in less than a one year period.

  • Senior Quality Line Engineer-TS16949 Certification/ISO14001:2008/Kaizen/Continuous Imporovement/GD&T

    Collins & Aikman Automotive Products (Trip and Polymers)
    January 1999 - January 2005 (6 years 1 month)

    Atlas Copco pneumatic screw I/O computer interface assembly. (FORMERLY TEXTRON AUTOMOTIVE, and Dynamic Land Systems- (A DIVISION OF BELL HELICOPTER SYSTEMS, SAINT LOUIS OPERATIONS)
    POSITION: Quality and Production lead assembly-line computer process engineer for the U-231 Lincoln Aviator Instrument panel (that encompassed many composite materials, injection molded and water-jet cut skins, and magnesium mag-beams (polymers) for the instrument panels) assembly-line production, (after completion, checked vibration response to the instrument panel to determine any excess noise in the steering column or air ducts/vents for screws during manufacturing processes) the Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager front and rear sequencing lot control line computer process lead, and the Dodge Ram standard, and quad-cab door panels assembly-line sequencing quality lead lot-control inspector. (LIGHTWEIGHT POLYMERS)

    • Identified areas of wasted 5S, FIFO, Kaisen’s, and continuous improvement. Personally initiated a drop in wasted time study on each assembly line station from a 4% wasted effort to a 1% level to prevent assembly line shutdown issues on each over-cycle alert.
    • Utilized Ford Motor Companies intelliquence system to mitigate any down-time scenarios that might prevent on-time shipping delivery window of 2 hours to their manufacturing facility.
    • Initiated and maintained new levels of operation to increase lean manufacturing by moving parts and people in a cross-training system, whereby one operator would be absent for vacation/sickness, another employee would be trained to operate that station.
    • Maintained excellent communication with Chrysler Van and Truck plants, (Fenton, Missouri) and Ford Motor Company (Hazelwood, Missouri) with any down-time or quality issues in a real-time JIT delivery scenario daily.
    • Reported shiftly/daily PPM customer scorecard in real-time computer tracking system to Chrysler/Ford customer levels.

  • E-4 Corporal

    United States Marine Corps
    January 1995 - January 1999 (4 years 1 month)

    POSITION & FINAL RANK: E-4 (CORPORAL) Broadcast optical transmitted messages of high sensitivity (including top-secret GPS positioning locations) used high-end government computer systems plotted on topographical feature maps, broadcast ground troops body heat signatures from global orbital satellites to GPS coordinates corresponding to our troops to help paint targets on graphed map coordinates in operational maneuvers overseas.
    • Maintained a disciplined, professional approach with excellent communication skills and extreme attention to detail in every aspect of the chain of command.
    • Utilized every system of continuous improvement and took initiative daily to improve processes of operation in my unit.
    • Established and maintained excellent communication skills from most junior to senior command officers in my unit.


  • Cape Girardeau Business and Career Center (United States)

    College , International Business & Mediation
    2000 - 2001

    Associate of Science-
    International Trade and Business/Trade and Commerce/Communication and Mediation
    International Communications/Mediation/Problem Cause/Analysis/Critical Thinking

    3.8-4.0 GPA

    Activities and Societies:
    FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Public Speaking Society
  • Canterbury Christ Church University (United Kingdom)

    Bachelors , Business Administration
    1995 - 1999

    Communication and computer access systems/programming training certification (night-classes).

    Activities and Societies:
    • Participated in speech/debate team extracurricular activities.
    • Installed as secretary of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and (DECA) clubs.
    • Participated in Christian Truth Mission (CTM) on-campus club.

Personal Information

  • Hobbies and Interests:
     Golf
     Tennis
     Swimming
     Mountain Biking
     Rock Climbing

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