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Crazy Last Minute Tips You Need before Your Next Job Interview

You plan ahead and think of everything before your job interview. Or so you think. Here are some tips that you may overlook or which might not occur to you.
You know how people are always giving you good advice about what you need to do before going on a job interview and that you won’t get a second chance to make a good first impression? Well, sometimes there are things that you need to consider that may not have crossed your mind.

Prepare What You’ll Wear
Okay, you likely already know the old adage about dressing for success. It’s true. Selecting the proper outfit can have a big impact on your job interview success. However, dressing appropriately for a job interview isn’t just about what you wear; it is about ensuring your outfit is in good shape.

Help yourself out by ironing, mending, cleaning or making any other repairs to your clothes beforehand. Don’t wear safety pins to hold things together or ignore stains thinking they won’t get noticed. Avoid clothing that is too big or too tight. Yes, it’s your favorite suit, but if you’ve lost weight or gained a little recently or borrowed an outfit from a friend and it doesn’t fit properly, it’s the wrong thing to wear.

In addition, consider your accessories -- not too much glam or flash. Finally, polish off your look with a fresh coat of polish on your shoes.

Take Time to Groom
Now that you’ve got your clothes in order, it’s time to take a look at yourself. Do you need a manicure? A haircut? A new hairstyle or color?

As much as you might want to buck convention with your colorful locks, flamboyant nails, and turquoise eye shadow or the diamond stud in your nose, for the most part corporate America is still conservative. So just for the job interview, you’ll need to fit in. That may mean covering up those tats as well, unless you’re a veteran or it is physically impossible because of where the tattoos are located.

Keep in mind that fitting into the company culture is just as important as having the right pedigree and work experience.

Choose Your Food Wisely, but Do Choose
You know the old saying, “You are what you eat?” Well, what you eat before a job interview can make a powerful statement if it has an overwhelming odor – like garlic and onions – or if it doesn’t agree with you.

However, that doesn’t mean you should go without eating. It is difficult to listen to the pangs of hunger in the middle of trying to ask questions. You really don’t want your stomach competing with you for center stage.

So choose a light meal with neutral spices and flavors that isn't going to cause you or the interviewer any grief.

Use the Facilities ahead of Time
There is nothing worse than getting into the job interview and realizing you need to use the restroom. One of the advantages of arriving a little early to your appointment is that it will allow you time to use the facilities. You don’t want to be twisting and turning in your seat trying to hold it throughout the entire job interview.

In addition, it gives you one last chance to primp and make sure you look alright. But please, be sure and wash your hands afterwards.

Sometimes it’s the little things – an errant piece of food in your teeth or too much perfume or aftershave – that can distract from the real business at hand. Keeping these last-minute tips in mind can help you make a good first impression at your next job interview.

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    Customer Service
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    Education/Training, Headhunting & HR Services
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    June 2011 - Present (10 years 10 months)


  • Georgia State University

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    Research, Writing, Editing & Publishing

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