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Ha Nguyen Thanh

Human Resource Manager. at Sun Group
Ha Noi (Vietnam) - 30 connections

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  • Current:
    Human Resource Manager. at Sun Group
  • Past:
    • HR SUPERVISOR at ICP Group
    • Head of Human Resource at French Beauty Co., Ltd
  • Education:
    • Vietnam National University, Ha Noi, Vietnam
    • Vietnam National University, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Connection:
    30 connection(s)


  • Job Function:
    Legal, Management, Human Resources
  • Industries:
    Chemical/Biochemical, Legal/Marketing Research/Consulting, Health/Medical Care
  • Specialities:
    Thorough understanding of Vietnamese Labor Laws, Social Insurance Law.
  • Job Level:


  • Human Resource Manager.

    Sun Group
    October 2014 - February 2015 (4 months)

    - To advise the Board of Directors in developing organizational structure, manning, personnel and budget to organize the recruitment line with business strategy and development of the Company.

    - Organize training activities, enhance professional skills and competencies for employees. Deploy management program and talent development to meet the evolving needs of the company human resources and career development roadmap of the individual.

    - To advise the Board of Directors in the development of HR policies: regulation of wages, benefits, reward, discipline, evaluate the results of the work ... Organize and supervise the implementation of HR procedures for employees.

    - To advise the Board of Directors in formulating the rules, regulations, working procedures. Popular organizations, guidance and supervision of staff compliance. Solve problems in labor relations.

    - Organize activities linked, encouraging employees, maintain and develop the culture, core values of the Group, the Company.


    ICP Group
    November 2007 - October 2014 (7 years)

    1- Human Resources Supervisor (2012 – Oct 2014)

    • Report, proposed probation assessment, drafting labor contracts.
    • Report on, proposals for the increase or decrease in labor, appointment, dismissal, transfer, payroll, personnel arrangement.
    • Support and planned recruitment, examination organization and coordination of staffing.
    • Support and implementation of training plans, improve the capacity of the labor force.
    • Monitoring and implementation of the regulations & regulations on wages, bonuses.
    • Plan reported an increase in the reduction of social insurance, health care, unemployment, policies and implementation of monthly, quarterly and annually for employees.
    • To supervise the implementation of the regulations and rules of the Company.
    • To receive and answer questions about the mode of labor policy. Update and disseminate the provisions of law relating to the rights, and the responsibilities and obligations of employers and employees.
    • Guide, personal income tax declaration for the employee.
    2- Employee Relations Executive (2010- 2011)
    • Function: To ensure implementation of labor relations policies of the enterprise in order to minimize the negative impact of employee discipline and collective labor disputes.
    • Coordinate with the professional division or business unit to investigate and handle cases of labor discipline and build solutions / policies to prevent recurrence to ensure business efficiency and environmental workplace standards.
    • Consulting, in charge of management and labor relations, ensuring compliance with collective bargaining agreements, labor contracts, labor law, and policy and management standards of the organization.
    • Analyze and explain the negotiation process and each case, the policies, the law, in order to understand the business impact and adjustment policies / guidelines for management of labor relations accordingly.
    • Representative of the company in negotiating the settlement of disputes with employees, unions, government agencies, agency labor management relations ... to protect the legitimate interests of the business ( if any).
    • Prepare, provide documentation for legal representation, mediation, consultant and managing outsourced relationships with these parties to ensure that the legitimate interests of the business.
    • Function: Ensure implementation of policies and procedures for safety and occupational health of every company to ensure that employees work in a safe environment and hygiene in accordance with the requirements of regulation relevant legislation.
    • In charge of controlling the activities, evaluate the safety conditions and occupational health in the workplace, the accident investigation work, completing accident reports Labor, in coordination with the department technical and management agency for occupational safety and health to determine the cause and prevention solution set.
    • Propose process improvements and working conditions.
    • Monitoring and analysis of injury data, labor accidents, and sickness leave of absence to determine causes and propose solutions.
    • Organize coaching and training staff on labor safety and hygiene.
    3- Compensation & Benefit Executive (2008-2009)
    • Social, Health and Unemployment Insurance:
    - Register social, health and unemployment insurance contribution for new employees.
    - Do monthly social insurance reconciliation report.
    - Prepare documents for issuing Social Insurance Books (SIB), manage SIB and SIB Application and follow status of issuing SIB for employees.
    - Make claims for social insurance benefits for employees (sick leave, maternity leave, etc) and follow up payment for employees.
    • Monthly payroll:
    - Calculate monthly salary for employees.
    - Print and distribute pay slips to employees.
    - Prepare salary bank transfer.
    - Operate HR Software effectively to ensure smooth processing of Payroll.
    • PIT:
    - Apply for issuance PIT code for employees.
    - Register dependent relief.
    - Do PIT declaration and finalization.
    • Other relevant tasks:
    - Work closely with relevant Government Offices such as Tax Agency, Social Insurance Agency, etc.
    - Audit, review and propose on improvements of compensation and benefits policies and practices in compliance with the government laws.
    - Respond to employees’ concerns relating to C&B policies and practices.
    - Support other Personnel members to ensure smooth operation of Personnel Department.
    4- Legal Expert (2007)
    • Prepare, document storage, dispatch and to the system and correct the text presentation of the Company.
    • Implement and monitor the implementation of the work that the company licensing requirements for registration of cosmetics with the Ministry of Health, registered trademarks with the Intellectual Property Office, and a relationship with the Ministry of Industry and trade, Ministry of justice.
    • Consulting, drafting legal documents, legal papers, regulations, procedures and internal regulations of the company.
    • Research, update and provide appropriate legal opinion in time for the company.
    • Drafting or reviewing contracts support economic / labor, and other documents of the Company.
    • Advisory Board on legal issues. Responsible for managing the implementation of the (if any)
    • To coordinate with the financial and accounting activities related payment.
    • Participate in marketing and public relations activities of the Company.

  • Head of Human Resource

    French Beauty Co., Ltd
    January 2006 - October 2007 (1 year 9 months)

    Related information:
    Work Administration - Human Resources:
    - Organization, management, control and administration of all work in the field of administration and human resources.
    - To organize and carry out the administrative functions and tasks as required by the Board of Directors
    - Building regulations and planning related to the use of property and equipment of the company.
    - Management, administration, control and supervise the work of administrative, office (clerical, storage, logistics, etc.); work of security, order and hygiene.
    - To advise the Board of Directors to handle matters within the areas of Organization and administrative personnel.
    - To advise the Board of Managers of building plans wages, reward the regime for employee benefits.
    - Planning for recruitment, training, human resource development, year, quarter, and month.
    - Develop policies for promotion and replacement personnel.
    - Planning human resources in order to better service for the Company's development strategy
    - Organize and conduct the evaluation, reward and discipline employees.
    Task Force on Governance:
    - Asset Management, the Company's operating costs.
    Foreign affairs/ Domestic work:
    - Behalf of Director solve some of the foreign policy, relations with the local government, departments, functions ...
    - Participate in development of cultural trade union movement activities, arts and sports of the Company.
    - Together with the Board of Directors to build company culture, creating a professional work environment, civilized, polite.

  • Administrative Staff

    August 2004 - December 2005 (1 year 4 months)

    - In charge of administrative and hotel reservations for the conference, prepare instruments for classroom supplies. Help for Teachers, ...
    - Perform administrative tasks such as procedures for work permits, visas, hotel bookings, asset management, equipment, stationery


  • Vietnam National University, Ha Noi (Vietnam)

    Masters , Faculty of Law
    2006 - 2008
  • Vietnam National University, Ha Noi (Vietnam)

    Bachelors , Faculty of Law
    2000 - 2004


  • Certificate Communication Skills & Customer Services

  • Certificate Train The Trainer

  • Certificate in Human Resource Management

Personal Information

  • Hobbies and Interests:
    - I like listening to music and I enjoy playing football.
    - I really enjoy gardening, it help me relax.

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