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Kim Thành Ngô

Head of Supply Chain Department at Anh Hong Foods Co., Ltd
Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) - 10 connections

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  • Current:
    Head of Supply Chain Department at Anh Hong Foods Co., Ltd
  • Past:
    • Supply Chain Manager at Tan Toan Phat Group
    • Supply Chain Supervisor at Masan Consumer
    • Distribution Resource Planning (DRP Supervisor) at AKZO NOBEL PAINTS VIETNAM LTD
    • Assistant Manager at Five Star Restaurant
    • Hardware Employee at Compro Company
  • Education:
    • Ho Chi Minh University of Industry, Vietnam
  • Connection:
    10 connection(s)


  • Job Function:
    Purchasing/Supply Chain
  • Industries:
    Industrial/Consumer Manufacturing
  • Job Level:


  • Head of Supply Chain Department

    Anh Hong Foods Co., Ltd
    March 2016 - Present (4 years 8 months)

    03/2016 – 04/2017: I worked as Head of Supply Chain Department at Anh Hong Food with products have to process and preserve in cold condition includes : Flan cake, Yogurt, Jelly (Eating/Drinking), Nata de coco… Information about my job as below :

    01. Supply Chain :

    • Build Supply Chain organization and SC staff.

    • Promulgate Standard Operation Procedure for Supply Chain Dept., then coordinate with PwC Consultant to standardize and write detail SOP for Supply Chain Department includes : Planning, Purchasing, Logistics

    • Set & evaluate KPI for Supply Chain Department include : Planning, Purchasing, Logistics.

    • Manage and control all activities of Planning, Purchasing, Production, Logistics.

    • Make sure relevant departments in Supply Chain work and cooperate smoothly.

    • Manage and operate 28 employees in SC Dept.

    02. Planning Department :
    Subordinate : 1 Planning Manager, 1 Material Resource Planning officer, 1 Master Planning Schedule officer

    • Control and approve all of PRs order material for production

    • Control and approve all of Shop order for production

    • Set & follow KPIs of Planning : Days Inventory Outstanding (Total Inv), Material Inventory (Days on hand), Finished Goods Inventory, Forecast Error %, WOR %,…

    • Instruct Planning Team build reports to follow and has an overview

    03. Purchasing Department :
    Subordinate : 1 Purchasing Manager, 1 Purchaser (Raw, Packaging for Production, Internal) , 1 Purchaser (POSM, Spare part, External)

    • Control and approve all of POs converted from PRs.

    • Control and approve all of request for payment before CEO approve.

    • Set & follow KPIs of Purchasing : Cost KPIs, Delivery KPIs, Quality KPIs…

    • Manage all of Supplier, Outsourcing Packaging Factory.

    • Find more new outsourcing & new supplier with the criterion built. Conducting field work and evaluating the outsourcing manufactory periodically with QA Manger.

    • Instruct Purchasing Team build reports to follow and has an overview about cost, quality, delivery…

    04. Logistics Department :
    Subordinate : 1 Logistics Manager, 1 Distribution Resource Planner, 6 Drivers, 6 Driving Supporters, 1 FGs Warehouse Controller, 3 FGs WH employees, 1 Raw Pack Warehouse Controller, 3 Raw Pack employees.

    • Manage and control 3 refrigerated warehouses including : 1 main warehouse in factory at Binh Duong Province where is the place to distribute from Phan Thiet (South Centre) to Can Tho (Mekong Delta), 2 warehouse in District 6 & 7 to delivery to Ho Chi Minh City.

    • Ensure conducting FEFO method for all of products that have to preserve in cold warehouse and expired date is so short like Flan cake and Yogurt… (about 25 days)

    • Coordinate with QA Team to follow and maintain temperature in FGs Warehouse and refrigerator truck to make sure Goods always in best stored condition.

    • Coordinate with QA Team conducting field work and evaluating stored condition at all of Warehouse and Distributor. Find root cause of damaged goods by transport, preserved conditions… to have a solutions to avoid for next time.

    • Manage and maintain accuracy inventory % in FGs WH and RP Warehouse is 100% between System and Physical.

    • Conduct daily cycle count in 3 warehouses by WH employees. Monthly coordinate with Finance Team conducting stock take to detect mistake in arrangement and wrong expired date by picking stock employee as soon as possible.

    • Set & follow KPIs of Logistics : CCFOT, Cost KPIs, Delivery KPIs (Ontime), Quality KPIs…

    • Instruct Logistics Team build reports to follow and has an overview about cost, quality, delivery…

  • Supply Chain Manager

    Tan Toan Phat Group
    November 2015 - February 2016 (3 months)

    11/2015 - present: I am working as Supply Chain Manager at Tan Toan Phat Group (including : Tan Toan Phat Pottery JSC & Lam Hiep Hung Funiture JSC)

    • Build the strategy and KPI for Supply Chain Dept based on the strategy & KPIs from General Director & general strategy of Tan Toan Phat Group (Tan Toan Phat Pottery; Lam Hiep Hung Furniture)

    • Build and manage Supply Chain organization and SC staff.

    • Manage and control all activities of Planning, Purchasing, Production, Logistic (import & export) of both.

    • Manage 4 main factories, 4 main warehouses and all current outsourcing manufactory & current supplier.

    • Build and promulgate the outsourcing evaluation criterion & the supplier evaluation criterion.

    • Find more new outsourcing & new supplier with the criterion built. Conducting field work and evaluating the outsourcing manufactory periodically.

    • Coordinate with Marketing, Sales, R&D to follow all projects about launching new products into market (oversea as : United States Of America, Australia, Hong Kong, Thai Land, Europe...)

    • Joining Dynamic ERP Project to build and go live system for both side (TTP Pottery & LHH Furniture).

  • Supply Chain Supervisor

    Masan Consumer
    March 2013 - June 2015 (2 years 3 months)

    I worked as Supply Chain Supervisor at Supply Chain Department of Masan Consumer. Information about my job as below:

    01. Analysis & Statistic about Supply Chain :

    • Base on the demand forecast get from Demand Planning. Check correction and suitability before confirming to all relevant department as Planning & Production Dept for producing.

    • Build and promulgate Stock policy for Nationwide and at all DCs at Viet Nam based on the forecast sent from DP. (Stock policy at DCs includes onhand stock policy & intransit policy for every DCs)

    • Make and send “Available stock for Sales” report to SC Director and relevant departments as Planning, Production, Sales, Finance, Logistics.

    • Control and manage stock onhand on Oracle ERP system about FGs (including stock onhand & intransit stock) at all of warehouses in Viet Nam.

    • Tracking and make “FG’s near expiration date report” to Director to have an overview.

    • Make daily report “Stock control report” by volume and value to SC Director and relevant departments.

    • Make and send “%Weekly Output Reliability report” about Foods & Beverages branch for 12 factories to SC Director. Based on receiving production plan from Planning Manager versus actual production at all factories.

    • Evaluate %KPI all of Planning Managers monthly to SC Director.

    • Follow up production volume at all Masan’s factories as below:

    a. Beverage: Vinh Hao Plant, Vihawa Plant, Phu Yen Beer Plant, Tribeco Plant & Bidrico Plant (Toller - Outsourcing)

    b. Coffee & Cereal : Vinacafe Bien Hoa Plant, Vinacafe Long Thanh Plant.

    c. Convenient Food (Instant Noodle, Fish Sauce, Chilli Sauce): Binh Duong Plant, Hai Duong Plant at North, Nghệ An Plant, Unif Plant (Toller - Outsourcing), Vitecfood Plant, Sài Gòn Nutrifood.

    d. Packaging : Minh Viet Plant at Tân Bình Industrial Part.

    • Coordinate with Innovation Planning Dept to follow all projects about new products/ relaunch products.

    • Give the plan and push Marketing and R&D Dept finalize Artword/net weight/ size of packaging/ create and release BOM on system to conduct producing on time.

    02. Developing process & operation SC:

    • Create and build report for supporting Planning Managers and Planning Supervisor use to control production plan, sales, stock (FGs, IPs, Raw Material, Packaging Material..)

    • Build and promulgate all processes have relevancy to operation procedure, production, master data on system…

    03. Manage and control master data on system:

    • Build hierarchy for master data.

    • Build and promulgate process for creating item master (FGs, IPs, RMs, PGs, TPs..) for all sites/Orgs on Oracle ERP system.

    • Manage and make decision for creating/inactive item master on system relevant to operation of business.

    • Maintain and make sure item master always is good status for operating. (production, complete batch, make PR/PO, PO receipt, control stock at warehouse..)

    • Tracking all item codes (greater than 21000 items for all item types) by scheduling 6 months to inactivate or maintain.

  • Distribution Resource Planning (DRP Supervisor)

    January 2010 - March 2013 (3 years 3 months)

    I worked as Distribution Resources Planner at Planning Department of Akzonobel Paints VN Company. Information about my job as below:

    * Transfer FGs stock to all warehouse :

    1 .Get demand forecast for next month by product line for MTS and by SKUs for Tinting from Demand Planner on the 3rd week.
    .Get the forecast review by MTS product line and tinting SKUs from demand planner weekly (If necessary)

    2 .Base on the latest updated forecast, production schedule, lead time of transfer and current warehouse stock :

    *Make transfer plan from factory to South depots on everyday basis.

    *Make transfer plan between My Phuoc WH (Binh Duong province) & Tan Binh depot (HCMC) everyday.

    *Make transfer plan from My Phuoc depot to North depots (Ha Noi Capital) every two days.

    3 .Send stock transfer requirement list to Logistics Department for arrangement based on the timings mentioned above.

    4 .Manage saleable stock at all Depots return or transfer from depot to other depots to balance source and support regional sales team.

    5 .Send “Inter transfer schedule list” for every week to Logistic Department for preparing and booking suitable vehicles to transfer FGs stock from My Phuoc Depot to North Central Depot and North Depot by STOs created on SAP system. (STO : Stock transport order)

    6 .Tracking and reporting of quantity, ETD, ETA, shipments of transferring stock , transportation, and contact details of each transfer will be sent to relevant departments.

    .Make and sent “the shortage report by SKUs by warehouses” at all over Vietnam to Supply Chain Director and Planning Manager everyday. (about 586 SKUs for all product line)

    .Make and sent “Shortage report by line by SKUs” for every warehouses to every Warehouse Manger.

    .Distribution Resources Planner of Planning Department in charge of FGs internal transfer : for following up and controlling finished goods stock all warehouses in Viet Nam.

    7 .Balancing stock between Main Warehouse and other Depots :

    a. In case, if stocks have an availability stock date on 3rd and 4th week in month due to shortage materials or issues on Production Plant and they can be not transferred to North Depot before day of month end. I will stop transferring and make the Plan for Sales Team at North invoicing at Main Warehouse with the volume by SKUs as requirement list and make sure Sale Team at different regions have equal stock.

    b. When Sales Forecast is changed, I will make the balancing stock by the way like transfer stock between Main Warehouse and Depots.

    * Managing Finished Goods :

    - Issue order forecast and orders calculation to source points are based on the approved forecast, stock on hand & stock holding policy.

    - Control and manage available stock at all WHs

    - Get alignment in case of any potential delay or stock shortage.

  • Assistant Manager

    Five Star Restaurant
    May 2009 - December 2009 (7 months)

    Assistant for Manager about preparing foods for weddings.

  • Hardware Employee

    Compro Company
    December 2005 - February 2009 (3 years 3 months)

    Doing part time job in CP Company.
    Assemble a parts of PC, and setup the software for PC.


  • Ho Chi Minh University of Industry (Vietnam)

    Bachelors , Food Science and Technology
    2005 - 2009

Additional Information

Personal Information

  • Hobbies and Interests:
    Classical Music, travel, movies
    Meeting with my friends and my family when I’m on holiday.

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