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Thuy Nguyen

Finance Director with more than 11 years of experience
Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) - 18 connections

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  • Current:
    Finance Director at IFB HOLDINGS LTD.,
  • Past:
    • Internal Audit Manager at RED CIRCLE VIETNAM
    • Financial Controller at Victoria Vietnam Group (A member of Thien Minh Group)
    • Investment Analyst at Nam An Securities Corporation
    • Audit Senior cum Chief Accountant at U&I Auditing Company Limited
  • Education:
    • HCMC University of Ecomics
  • Connection:
    18 connection(s)


Financial Director with more than 11 years of experience with accounting, auditing, internal control and finance. Possesses a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Certification, Certified Fund Management Certification and Certified Finance Analyst Certification.

  • Job Function:
  • Industries:
    Accounting/Auditing, Finance/Investment
  • Specialities:
    Accounting Practice and Financial Reporting
    Consolidation and Management Reporting
    Financial Analysis
    Budgeting and Planning
    Cost Control
    Tax Advice and Consulting
    Internal Control & Compliance
    Establish Policies and Procedures
  • Job Level:


  • Finance Director

    January 2015 - Present (8 years 6 months)

    This position has overall control and responsibility for all financial and fiscal management aspects of company operations by management of 4 function department Accounting, Supply Chain, Legal and IT. Provide leadership and coordination in the administrative, business planning, accounting and budgeting efforts of the company.

    Responsibilities and main duties
    Manage Accounting and Finance Teams
    - Form a close working relationship with the General Manager, other Senior Executives and Managers.
    - Provide leadership to the Board's Finance and Accounting strategy, to optimize the company’s financial performance and strategic position.
    - Take overall control of the company’s accounting function
    - Contribute fully to the development of company strategy across all areas of the business, challenging assumptions and decision-making as appropriate and providing financial analysis and guidance on all activities, plans, targets and business drivers.
    - Provide strategic recommendations to enhance financial performance and new business opportunities
    - Ensure that company financial systems are robust, compliant and support current activities and future growth.
    - Lead and develop finance and accounting teams.
    - Work with senior teams to grow the business, formulating strategies and plans.
    - Ensure corporate budgeting processes are carried out and reviewed.
    - Take ultimate responsibility for the company cash management policies.
    - Present annual accounts to BOM and BOD.
    - Ensure that the regulatory requirements of all statutory bodies are met.
    - Ensure effective internal controls are in place and compliance with VAS and applicable regulatory legislation for financial and tax reporting
    - Corporate finance: manage company policies regarding capital requirements, debt, taxation, equity, disposals and acquisitions, as appropriate.
    - Directly responsible for establishing and implementing finance manual including all policies and procedures to ensure a smoothly, efficient and effective finance and accounting system.

    Manage Supply Chain Function
    - Develop and / or guide in the development of the supply chain strategy for the organization
    - Overall control and manage Supply Chain team. in sourcing and buying assigned materials and services to ensure an uninterrupted apply at optimum cost and best benefits, following the plans and projects, guideline and SOP established by the company.
    - Coordinate with Supply Chain Manager to arrange a central warehouse and distribute channel
    - Liaise with Supply Chain Manager in managing and coordinating the sales and operations planning process including supply / demand forecasting, inventory management, and on time delivery.

    Manage Legal Function to:
    - Ensure the company is operating within the law at all times. To be aware of all transactions the company is engaged in including those that may be in only the preliminary stages. This will ensure limited risk exposure to the bottom line, personnel and the company's public image.
    - Providing legal consultancy to the B.O.D relating to business management.

    Manage IT Function to:
    - Set up and maintain IT system and software systems with useful functions to ensure it remains effective and operational at all times, meet internal requirements and provide useful information to business unit.
    - Ensure a POS system set up and run smoothly.
    - Build up and establish an infrastructure to ensure synchronization database successfully.
    - Support marketing and accounting team to set up pricing and promotion programs.
    - Hand-on support on IT matters.

    Team Management
    - Build up an big team enough strong to meet work requirements;
    - Place the right person in the right job (Job design);
    - Start new employees into the unit (orientation);
    - Train and coach employees for jobs that are new to them;
    - Manage and improve the performance of each person periodically;
    - Gain creative cooperation and developing smooth working relationships;
    - Interpret the Company's policies, procedures and annual business targets;
    - Control labor costs of the unit;
    - Protect staff member's health and physical working conditions;
    - Establish a high level of credibility and manage strong working relationships with external parties including customers, advisors and auditors.
    - Develop the abilities of each member with KPI setting and appraisal;
    - Create and maintain departmental morale and team working spirit;
    - Coach and develop staffs performance.

  • Internal Audit Manager

    November 2013 - January 2015 (1 year 2 months)

    Responsible for internal audit functions
    Lead and manage the internal audit team to set up internal control system to make sure the proper controls are in place related but not limited to inventory management, operations management, cost management… and organize and conduct periodical audits and un-periodical audits for inventory management, operations management, cost management to reinforce the controls in reality and update/revise the processes/procedures as per management requirements.
    - Set up and/or improve the internal control system/policy and procedure to ensure effective and efficient controls are in place;
    - Establish and maintain a comprehensive audit program necessary to ensure compliance with accounting standards, policies and procedures;
    - Plan to conduct operational, financial and performance audits, selected as a result of a comprehensive risk analyst and assessment process, across multiple business units in order to provide the Management on significant issues and findings regarding to governance, compliance, risk and controls need to be improved;
    - Cost Management and Inventory Control.
    - Organize and conduct the investigate audits upon requests regarding to fraud and theft;
    - Conduct follow ups and make sure the audit findings are resolved within the timeline;
    - Training and coaching the staffs to do the audits properly and professionally;
    - Provide ongoing support to business managers with regard to risk management processes and internal control compliance;
    - Support and initiate in all issues related to tax, local regulations, management, control;
    - Work with external related authorities such as Tax Office, External Auditor, Banks;
    - Other ad-hoc tasks required.

  • Financial Controller

    Victoria Vietnam Group (A member of Thien Minh Group)
    May 2009 - July 2013 (4 years 3 months)

    Victoria Vietnam Group is a head office which is established to manage the series of six Victoria hotels & resorts/properties in Vietnam and Cambodia.

    Responsible for finance, accounting and internal audit functions under Group Level.


    1. General Finance

    - Assume overall responsibility for monitoring and managing the Group Accounting and Financial Systems across all entities in according to IAS, VAS and Group’s SOPs;

    - Act as the point of contact to Owning company’s Finance, Hotel Financial Controllers, and Head Office Department Heads for all financial matters;

    - Manage and supervise Finance and Accounting Teams of hotels/properties to optimize the Group’s financial performance and strategy position;

    - Set up and maintain integrity of Accounting Software with useful functions to ensure it remains effective and operational at all times and provide accurate data for reporting;

    - Directly responsible for establishing and implementing finance manual including all policies and procedures to ensure an smoothly, efficient and effective finance and accounting system across the managed entities;

    - Check and verify Group Purchasing Contracts, Selling Contracts and Payment Vouchers for approval of Managing Director in compliance with Authority Level;

    - Ensure Business Units/Hotels are complying with Group P&P, all regulatory, tax and other statutory;

    - Provide assistance and direction to the Business Units regarding financial matters;

    - Coordinate and deal with External Audit, Tax Department, Bank, and Relevant Departments;

    - Design training program applied for finance and accounting teams to develop, manage and motivate resources;

    - Support the Owning Company to perform due diligence with new projects;

    - Any other tasks assigned by the Managing Director and the Owning Company.

    2. Reporting and Cost Control

    - Build up and develop management report templates, tools and a financial reporting system to provide critical financial and operational information to the Management and Owning Company;

    - Implement an efficient Reporting Scheme and Reporting Line to submit timely, accurate and useful financial information with actionable recommendations on both strategy and operations to the Management and Owning Company;

    - Ensure that accounting records are accurate, complete and correct as well as in line with any governmental regulations or internal requirements by periodic reviewing/cross-checking;

    - Produce timely, accuracy and completely Consolidation, Management, Financial Reports and others reports if requested to ensure providing useful financial information for making decision and action plan;

    - Provide monthly performance presentation to provide analysis to the Management to understand the hotels’ performance and emphasize notable operational, accounting/financial variances to Budget. Assist Finance Department of the Owning Company to assess organizational performance against both the annual budget and company’s long-term strategy;

    - Lead a monthly meeting with Hotels’ General Managers, Financial Controllers and Heads of Departments to review monthly performance and challenge them in order to control costs and maintain target profit;

    - Periodic review of expenditures to ensure that any un-planned expenditures been aware;

    - Provide Cost Analysis to Sales and Revenue Department to design Annual Rate Structure and Promotion Program;

    - Instruct all Finance Teams do half-yearly closing accounts in compliance with IAS, VAS and Internal Requirements as well as reviewing before closing and advising adjustments entries if any.

    3. Tax Advice and Consulting

    - Provide with hand-on support and advise Business Units/Hotels in terms of Accounting, Finance , Taxes and Compliance;

    - On behalf of hotels, deal with Local Tax Department and Relevant Departments on legal or tax issues;

    - Ensure that Tax Finalization and Declaration Reports (VAT, PIT, WHT, CIT) are timely, accurate, complete and correct as well as minimize tax liabilities and obligations;

    - Provide hotels/business units an knowledge update on Tax Laws, Legal Regulations, Finance and Accounting Standards/Policies to ensure that all modifications, amendments, new issues are aware and applied.

    4. Budget and Planning

    - Responsible for working with the Managing Director, Hotel General Managers, Hotel Financial Controllers and each business unit head to produce business planning, hotels budget/forecast and capital expenditure in alignment with The Owning Company’s strategic plan. Monitor the results on a monthly basis.

    5. Cash Flow Management

    - Oversee cash flow planning and arrange financial support to entities among the Group;

    - Oversee cash, investment and assets management;

    6. Internal Audit

    Manage and organize a sound internal audit to provide independent and objective reviews and assessments of business activities, operations, financial systems and internal controls of the entities and its properties in compliance with Group P&P, Local Tax Laws and Regulations and providing helpful information to the Management & the Owning Company;

    - Establish and maintain a comprehensive audit program necessary to ensure compliance with accounting standards, policies and procedures necessary to safeguard Group assets

    - Set up and/or improve the internal control system/policy and procedure to safeguard the assets of the entities;

    - Plan to conduct operational, financial and performance audits, selected as a result of a comprehensive risk analyst and assessment process in order to provide management with an independent appraisal;

    - Ensure that Victoria resources are used efficiently and effectively while working towards helping Victoria achieve its mission.

    - Confirm that established company policies, procedures, the Standard of Performance Manuals (SOP’s) and plans are being followed;

    - Identify areas where efficiency and profit improvement programs should be implemented;

    - Periodic review and cross-check accounting data bases in compliance with VAS, IAS and Victoria P&P.

  • Investment Analyst

    Nam An Securities Corporation
    May 2008 - May 2009 (1 year)

    Responsibility for financial analyst and advise investment opportunities.


    - Preparing the reports of analysis and valuation of businesses for both listed and unlisted companies;

    - Research and analyzing on industries to prepare the industry analysis reports;

    - Collecting information and prepare company snapshot to support Corporation;

    - Due diligence.

  • Audit Senior cum Chief Accountant

    U&I Auditing Company Limited
    July 2004 - May 2008 (3 years 11 months)

    Provide external audit services, accounting services and consulting services to companies. Responsibility for Accounting function as Chief Accountant.


    - Take role as audit leader in conducting audit field work & finishing audit report;

    - Lead team to provide accounting services to customers;

    - Provide professional consults to customers;

    - Take role as audit leader in conducting audit field work & finishing audit report;

    - Remain accounting system as position of Chief accountant;

    - Manage & control all operation of Human Resource Department;

    - Communicate and developing clients.


  • (Vietnam)

    CPA , Accounting & Auditing
    2010 - 2010
  • HCMC University of Ecomics

    Bachelors , Accounting & Auditing
    2000 - 2004


  • Leadership Skills


    Certificate of Leadership Skills Training Course

  • Presentation Skills


    Certificate of Presentation Skills Training Course

  • Coaching for Performance Skills


    Certificate of Coaching for Performance Skills Training Course

  • Sun Systems


    Certificate of Sun Systems Training Course

  • Opera System


    Internal Training on Opera System

  • Internal Control


    Internal Control Training Course

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