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How DevOps improves the Software Development time

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The way to DevOps in Application Development 

If you are a tech navy, you must have heard about DevOps being trendy these days. It is a software engineering methodology that combines software development and IT operations. Its combination of cultural philosophies, tools and practices enhances an organization's ability to provide high-velocity applications and services. In addition, its traditional software development and infrastructural management process help an organization evolve and improve its products faster. This also allows the organization to provide better customer service and effectively compete in the market. 

DevOps Automation Services makes the system development cycle shorter and continuous because the application development industry needs high-quality production at high-speed. The process has six stages in which each stage requires its tools, process and capabilities. Let's discuss them all one by one. 

Six stages of DevOps

DevOps combines the traditional software development team with the IT operation team to quicken the software development time. They then divide the process into six stages, often called the Six c's of DevOps Automation services. Below is a description of all of them, that includes the planning, testing, monitoring etc. 

  1. Continuous Planning: The first stage is where the project manager, project developer team, stakeholders, business analysts and operation staff come on common grounds. In this stage, all the involved persons or teams decide on the project's application scope, identity, resources and outcomes. 
  2. Continuous Integration or CI : The second stage is the approach of software developer and operation team, in which they think of collaborating on the code-writing needs. As the written code integrates with another team, the codes become error-free and merge with the last development code. Hence, its team then ensures a continuous delivery owing to the integration in code-writing. 
  3. Continuous Testing : Testing is the third crucial stage to success in the application or software development lifecycle. It helps the team identify new technical hitches, bugs and market values. In addition, its requires iterative and early testing to build a high-quality, high-speed product for its customers. Hence, continuous its testing should be considered an integrated part of the development process. 
  4. Continuous Deployment : Continuous development refers to the written code that proceeds through the automated testing phase and gets released automatically to the production environment. It helps the team imply coe3 reviews and easy developer check-ins under the DevOps automation services.
  5. Continuous Monitoring : The problems are discovered and resolved quickly before the software or application deploys to the end-user via the continuous monitoring stage. It helps the team bring stability to the development process without human interaction. With the help of constant tracking and monitoring, one can easily identify changes and errors in real-time. 
  6. Continuous Feedback and Optimization : Feedback is where you get a quick response to your product from your customers. Continuous feedback and optimization help you update features that match your customer's preferences and needs. 

Why are DevOps Automation Services so trendy?

The DevOps software market was $2.9 billion in 2017 and may reach $6.6 billion by the end of 2022. The reason behind it getting popular every day is- 

  • Selecting microservices-based architectures and correlating development methodologies. 
  • Business investment in software-driven reform. 
  • Improved investment by CEOs and CTOs in implementing collaborative, operational processes and computerized software development. 

Benefits of Adopting DevOps automation services- 

Following are the benefits of adopting the DevOps automation services for your product- 

  • Its software engineering methodology improves the business as a whole, as the team aligns the whole business per the business and customer needs. 
  • Automatize structures improve the efficiency of collaboration with the various team. 
  • Improves the speed and stability of software development and deployment. 
  • Brings good agility to the business.
  • It mainly focuses on the developer team.
  • Its continuous integration and deployment ensure pre-production and system production adaptivity and flexibility. 

Challenges of Adapting the software developer and operation team-

Following are the challenges you may face while adapting the automation services of the team- 

  • The difficulty of multiple environment management and budget limitation. 
  • As the team's resistance may change, you may face difficulty articulating your business. 
  • Underestimation of workload and requirements. 
  • Setting unreal expectations and alignment of business goals and metrics. 
  • Difficulty in identifying the best metric for making smart, automated decisions. 

Benefits for Mobile app developers- 

Following an increase in mobile users, the mobile app industry has witnessed steady market growth. As the number of users increased, the demand for better and faster app development increased. DevOps has come to a solution to fulfil the customers' demand to focus on these aspects. Its modern strategy has brought the following benefits to the mobile app developers – 

Efficiency in using the resources 

The heavy use of automation has led to resource efficiency. Hence the development and operation team work hard to build, test, deliver and update the whole cycle. 

Lowers the release time 

Close communication and cooperation between the team and the customers help reduce design development time. In addition, its iterative cycle assists the customers in quickening the phases. 

Eliminates bottlenecks and inefficiencies 

The tools, practices, processes and close communication between team members improve a development process and make it more transparent and efficient than before. 

Better feedback 

The transparency of stakeholders provides an opportunity for mobile app developers to identify, resolve and optimize the user experience of their product more efficiently. 


The variety of operating systems and devices in the mobile platform is a major problem for developers. To resolve this, they need to consider the multiple versions, release dates and devices. Because of these factors, DevOps's new approach to quickening the time for software development is a convenient way to conduct regular monitoring and quick deliveries and continuously manage the process and update its release. Its automation services not only help the customers lower the release time but also bring efficiency into the resource use and generate better feedback from users. Hence, adapting its software engineering methodology and six c's helps you offer the application and services at high velocity. 

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