Connecting opportunities

Meet the Opportunity Connector Team

Chief Opportunity Connector

Thanh Nguyễn is a seasoned marketer with rich experiences managing international brands across South East Asia. Thanh’s Personal Vision is to become “the most efficient opportunity connector” matching millions of professionals in Vietnam with right contacts, right information and right opportunities. Bringing this Vision to life, Thanh found – Vietnam first "Share to Succeed" Community for senior professionals which provide many “Share to Succeed” channels including Discussion, Big Job, Top Headhunt, Company Directory, Business Event, Magazine Column and TV show.

Before Anphabe, Thanh was Founder &CEO of – Vietnam first $1,000+ Executive Job portal with networking functions. Caravat JSC was a subsidiary under Navigos Group – Vietnam leading HR service provider.

Thanh Nguyễn

Once a month, Thanh Nguyen host her business show “Share ToSuceed” on FBNC- Vietnam leading finance and economy channel. She is also a frequent motivational speaker, trainer and facilitator at many reputable business events.

In Anphabe office, Thanh is also called C.E.O – Chief Energy Officer, who responsible to inspire a young and dynamic team with Anphabe vision; to build a fun working environment and energize people to work the extra miles on our Connecting Opportunity Journey.

Opportunity Connector Team

On our long journey, Anphabe has attracted many diverse talents, who find meaning in helping others connecting to their next successes.

We were, are and will working around the clock, finding every potential solutions to improve the way we help Anphabe members connecting to better and more useful contacts, knowledge and career opportunities.

Advisor & Speakers

Anphabe works with many reputable speakers, who have built outstanding businesses, organizations and personal reputation in Vietnam. Having the same belief of “Success Shared is Success Multiplied” they are willing to spend precious time sharing with Anphabe members through our different Anphabe “Share to Succeed” channels. Many of them frequently act as Anphabe Advisors to help sharpen our strategy and activities.

  • <p class='em13 bold'>Ton Nu Thi Ninh </p> <p class='title'> Chairwoman of Founding Board Tri Viet University</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Nguyen Canh Binh </p> <p class='title'> CEO AlphaBooks </p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Tieu Yen Trinh </p> <p class='title'> CEO TalentNet</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Bui Ngoc Anh</p> <p class='title'> Founder & Managing Director AVC</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Jacques Ferrière </p> <p class='title'> Former Chairman Unilever Vietnam</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Kannan Hariharan </p> <p class='title'> VP - HR PepsiCo International Vietnam</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Winnie Lam </p> <p class='title'> Country Director KCS Vietnam Co. Ltd.</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Le Trung Thanh </p> <p class='title'>  CEO FPT Trading</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Ly Quy Trung </p> <p class='title'>  Owner Pho 24</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Ly Truong Chien </p> <p class='title'>  Chairman Tri Tri <br/>Corporation</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Phan Minh Tien </p> <p class='title'> Vice President Unilever Vietnam</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Ngo Thai Uyen </p> <p class='title'> CEO NTU</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Nguyen Thi Van Anh </p> <p class='title'> Managing Director Navigos Search</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Nguyen Hoa Binh </p> <p class='title'> Owner - Ebay</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Nguyen My Lan </p> <p class='title'> CEO GE Vietnam</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Nguyen Tuan Quynh </p> <p class='title'> Vice President PNJ</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Pham Viet Anh </p> <p class='title'> Executive Chairman Left Brain Connectors</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Do Minh Phu </p> <p class='title'> President & CEO Doji Group </p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Ha Thu Thanh </p> <p class='title'> CEO Deloitte Vietnam </p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Tran Trong Kien </p> <p class='title'> Owner Buffalo Tour</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Nhat Nguyen </p> <p class='title'> CEO Global Elite Consulting Corporation</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Vo Thi Xuan Trang </p> <p class='title'> President JRP</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Vu Thi Thuan </p> <p class='title'> President & General Director Traphaco JSC</p>
  • <p class='em13 bold'>Le Thanh Hang </p> <p class='title'> Deputy General Director HACO Group</p>
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