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Marico South East Asia Corporation

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Marico SEA is a member of Marico Limited, the leading multinational consumer products company within the Beauty and Wellness sector in 25 emerging markets with a turnover more than 1 billion USD globally. We are currently leading the male grooming product segment with X-Men, X-Men for Boss and the high-value nutritional food Thuan Phat.

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Marico South East Asia Corporation

Sale Capability Manager


Job Description

  • Coordinate with HRBP to conduct TNA and propose training solutions for Senior Capability Development to build in annual training plan.
  • Manage and implement all year-round training calendar for the different levels and channels.
  • Own the Sales On boarding process and implementation, ensuring that every new joiner receive the relevant Onboarding before and while handling the new role.
  • Developing and implementing Sales training planning, including all learning and development related plans, working collaboratively with key stake holders to meet the desired outcomes.
  • Building and developing training material for all level of Sales Team to improve their skill and knowledge to achieve business results.
  • Responsible for field coaching program in the region and conduct routine assessments to ensure its effectiveness.
  • Well align with Head Office of engagement and promotional activities
  • Contribute and implement key working processes to ensure its fully compliance
  • Provide training to ensure sales tools are well utilized.
  • Prepare and share, with relevant stakeholders, progress reports to highlight the impact of the trainings and people development on the business results
  • Work with Sales Director to build capabilities of Sales Team through revise KPIs structure, Sales Incentive scheme to ensure selling efficiency.
  • Monitor MBR & PDP processes to ensure the timeline are met
  • Building policy, material and process operation of Distributor Standardization
  • Deploy and monitor assessment programs
  • Deploy and monitor the customer engagement programs/ plans   

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’ degree of related areas: business administration or economics studies
  • Working experience: sales training background in FMCG or related industries. Similar or related experience in a training institution or event organization is acceptable
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks/projects in accordance with stated deadlines
  • Self-motivated with strong organization and time management skills
  • Good in presentation and communicate skills.
  • Proficiency in English and fluent in system.

Additional Information

About Marico South East Asia Corporation

Marico SEA is proud to be a member of Marico Limited, the leading multinational consumer products companies within the beauty and wellness sector in 25 emerging markets within India, Asia and Africa. During 2018-19, Marico recorded a turnover of USD 1.05 billion globally. Empowered with freedom and opportunity, we work to creating disruptive values to our consumers.

We are currently leading the male grooming product segment with X-Men & X-Men for Boss and the high-value nutritional food product market with Thuan Phat brand. On top of that, we take pride in our "best-in-class" distribution system, customer services and flawless execution in Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Myanmar.

Talent Attributes

We expect our talents to embrace our winning culture that enables delivering on our vision to be the winning challenger. We will expect the candidate to be:

  • Grow through disruptive thinking
  • Result Oriented
  • Walk the talk
  • Individual accountability, joint responsibility
  • Nurture talent

Join us to experience ourTalent Value Propositionthrough which we continuously challenge, enrich, and fulfill the aspirations of Mariconians so that they can maximize their true potential to – Make a Difference.

Sale Capability Manager

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