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Headhunter is not only senior recruitment partner of companies but also the career partner of high level professionals. Working effectively with them is essential for senior professionals to catch good opportunites as well as making good career move. Ask Anphabe Advisor – Mr. Jason Dacaret - RGF MD to have his advice on how to work effectively with headhunters.


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Jason Dacaret

Managing Director, South East Asia, RGF


The discussion is open from 09-04-2013 to 30-04-2013

The advisor answered on 28-04-2013

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1369923269 | Career Guide

Chờ Headhunter gọi hay gọi cho Headhunter?

Chờ thì bị cho là không năng động, gọi thì phải chăng nghĩa headhunt không còn đúng? Các bạn nghĩ sao về điều này.

  • BICH (JOHN) LE's picture

    I am often being called by head hunter in the past but recently it is not happening, what is the matter :-) 

  • Thao Nguyen's picture
    Thao Nguyen

     I think that should mail for Headhunter, it mean you can share a lot your imformation, personalize, experience... It is the shame "calling" Headhunter. Addition, when another check mail it mean they have time to consider your imformation. If your profile appropriate their position which want to find out. A definite answer is you win in this hunting.

  • Khanh Ngô

    Hello Jason, 

    I have simple question for my situation:

    could you tell me the key criteria let me become prey of headhunter  ^^ ?

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Vu Thi Thuy's picture
1367156728 | Career Guide

How to work with a headhunter effectively? How to make an atractive profile?

Dear Sir, I'm looking for a new job, and have contacted some headhunter, but don't know how to work with them effectivly? Can yo

  • Han Nguyen's picture
    Han Nguyen

    I knew that my education didn't attractive headhunter. But I am believe in my experience that it could help me do working in the best. But how could I make them believe in all I did in past to consider how I am suitable in my future serching job?

  • Jason Dacaret's picture
    Jason Dacaret

    How to work with headhunters effectively can often make or break your job search.  1st, of all, you must realize that there are a lot of good HH's out there and there are a lot of not so good HH's out there.  You must trust the one you will use to represent your professional career aoopropriately and accurately to potential employers.  Of course you can choose to represent yourself, but this often takes time and scale, and you must be willing to answer so may questions.  Having the right partner by your side who is in complete tune with you and what you want to accomplish can be more effective activing on your behave, as an extension of your self.  Always be very unfront and honest with your HH's on what it is you want to accomplish and what it is you will and will not tolerate with your next employer.  It is best to be very clear about these items prior to the HH going out to the market to represent you.  Remember, the HH is your brand ambassador and you must feel that the HH will do just as good a dob representing you as you would yourselff.  A good HH should be able to bring you multiple opportunties at any given time and you must be confident that the HH has kept your interest and all confidential information in consideration.  Be straight with your HH and do not be afraid to provide direct and consistent feedback to your advisor on where you feel he/or she can be doing a better job.  Basially, you both are a team, trying to secure the best job opportunity out there while selling your skills, core competencies, and personality to your next potential employer. 

  • Long (Hai) Vuong's picture
    Long (Hai) Vuong

     Telling and sharing your real stories and situations with reliable and right headhunters can be helpful and effective for your job searches.

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1369202053 | Career Guide

What are the things Headhunters won't tell you?

I have been working with Headhunters for years. From my own perspective, they seem to hide something about both employers and candidates, is this true and popular? and what are the signs?

Please advise!

  • Trung Nguyen's picture
    Trung Nguyen

    I think they will not tell us all, they have to keep something confidental because, you know? In Chinese history, there was a kungfu master. He only had 1 disciple and taught him everything he knew including the secrets that he had been keeping for years. After learning all the thing from the teacher,that disciple betrayed and killed his teacher. From that story, i had a lesson that: A manager will share his experience, knowledge to you, but not all, they keep something as secret to manage, to run a group of people.

  • Jason Dacaret's picture
    Jason Dacaret

    Hi Dinh.  Thank you for your question.  A professional headhunter (HH) will tell you as much as they know and can share with you, meaning there will be confidential information entrusted to HHs that they cannot disclose.  If your HH cannot give you adequate information on the opportunity, maybe that HH is not a professional one!  A professional HH will tell you all you need to know about a client and a role, and a good candidate will also carry out their own due diligence on the client and the role - it's a two way street.  If you find at any point that your HH has withheld important information you deem necessary for you to make a decision, you should "fire" your HH and seek out a better career partner.  What are the signs?  Inconsistent inormation you receive from your HH and the info you get from the client interview or from other valid such as salary details, career progression, job title, report lines, why the roles is open, etc. 

  • Pham Minh Tri's picture
    Pham Minh Tri

    I think they do not hide anything, just the way they answer and the way to get the information from yourside. If your are the person whom they need, they will let you know how to win the interview. It's easy to understand because you and Headhunters are now on the unified boat.

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1367158208 | Career Guide

Criteria to "choose" Headhunter?

 Can you share some key criteria for a senior professional to l "choose" a Headhunter / Search consultants / Search firm? thanks

  • Jason Dacaret's picture
    Jason Dacaret

    Hi Thanh.  Thank you for your question.  Key criteria should be the headhunter's (HH) knowledge about industry, the market trends, the level of information they have on their clients, and their track record and integrity.  While all this can be subjective, you should seek a more objective view through others who have used HH's and your own due diligence.  I find that Do Chi's recommendation of a ranking system is very good one that is often used for many other professional service providers such as lawyers, doctors, dentists, travel business, etc.  Professional, qualified HH's and HH search firms would welcome this! 

  • Do Chi Hieu, CFA

    Anphabe should integrate a head hunter ranking system (based on actual client voting). Some agents do share false information (intentionally or not) like exaggerating offer salary to collect candidates' CV.

  • Tuan Anh Vu

    Can you share how do we classify the head hunter such as industry-focused, General , Senior Position focused, Functional focused to audience 

How to distinguish professional headhunters and unprofessional ones?

  • Jason Dacaret's picture
    Jason Dacaret

    Hello My.  Some additional comments on your very valid question!  Professional headhunters (HHs) should know their domain very well.  What I mean by this is that HH's should be subject matter experts in their industry of practice, for example, IT&T, Consumer Markets, or Industrial, and be able to talk intelliginty about their practice.  On the client side, HHs should be able to convice you that they know their clients' business very well, and have a a good understanding of what their strategy is, what the management team is like, and what kind of talent they seek.  More importantly, you should feel your HH has a high degree of integrity and an appreciation of confidentiality.  As much as HH's ask you questions, you should feel free to ask as many question as you need to determine the professionalism of your HH and just how much they know and understand about their clients. 

  • Jason Dacaret's picture
    Jason Dacaret

    Professional Headhunters (HHs) take a sincere interest in your career aspirations and ambitions and understand your career progression and how to position your career to a new potential opportuntiy.  Professional HH will understand your area of focus, business and should be able to give you insights into the field and good information on the leaders and their management style within their respective companies.  Professional HH's are never pushy on presenting opportunities and you should alsways be the one dictating the pace as which your search moves, provided the HH gives you advise on the benefits of moving fast or slow during the process.  Botttom line, your HH should be just like your trusted advisor, looking after your interests while giving you a clear and honest picture of what the client is thinking at any given point. 

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1367156708 | Career Guide

It is not easy to find headhunter!

I don’t know how headhunters can find us within their reach but it is not easy for us to to find them in case we need to contact them for job opportunity. Moreover, they seem to be lethargic when we contact them but they are very eagers and welcome us very warmly when they need to approach us. So how to find nice and trustworthy headhunters?

  • Jason Dacaret's picture
    Jason Dacaret

    Hi Anna.  Thank your for your question!  I often here similar comments, regardless of where I have worked - in Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, US, etc.  Our role as a headhunter (HH) is to fill the mandate given to us by our clients and to also provide our clients with talent insights and other value add services to assist them in meeting their current and future talent needs.  Many times, that means HHs have to search for very specific talent.  HH also have to realize that there is another side to the equation, and that is the candidate.  A good, professional HH should be very direct with candidates with what they are currently working on and whether or not they can assist a candidate with their current job search.  If not, then the HH's responsibility is to be candid and forthcoming so candidates can quickly seek other avenues, and to keep a good, mutually beneficial relationship, as that candidate could one day be very key to a certain search or even a client!  Try asking your collegues for referrals to good headhunters or see what people are saying about top headhunters on anpahbe! 

  • Ly Vu's picture
    Ly Vu

    Where are you, headhunters?

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1367160151 | Career Guide

How headhunters in Vietnam operates?

Please advise how Headhunters in Vietnam operates so we can choose the best approach: As an Employer and as a candidate. 


  • Jason Dacaret's picture
    Jason Dacaret

    Hi Dinh.  Thanks for your quesiton.  Headhunters (HH) are not created equally.  When it comes to headhunting, Vietnam is still in the development phase, meaning best practices and professional associations have yet to be set.  This results in a variance in service and quality levels among HH firms.  Good HH firms will have either employees who have worked at other reputable, regional, or global firms, or global / regional operations that have transplanted AND localized best practices in Vietnam.  As I mentioned in other posts, a good, professional HH should be able to provide clients with not only succeful candidates that make impactful results within their organizations, but with valuable information to help clients understand the local and regional talent pool and build a talent pipeline for current and future needs.  On the candidate side, a good HH should provide valueble job AND market information for current and future career objectives. Please let me know if you need specific information on operating models, fee structures, etc.  I can be more specific!   


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