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    The Art of Emotion Management for Better Leadership

    Have you ever got furious and then feel regretful for losing your temper? Or just under personal pressures, you made the whole working atmosphere uncomfortable? To better manage your personal emotions for leadership, share your situations to receive advices from Anphabe Advisor – Mr. Tran Dinh Dung - Speaker, Master of Sociology and CEO of Khue Van Academy.


    Bạn có bao giờ nổi nóng rồi sau đó lại tiếc nuối vì đã lỡ nóng giận? Hay chỉ vì những áp lực cá nhân mà bạn khiến không khí làm việc chung trở nên nặng nề? Để quản lý cảm xúc bản thân tốt hơn và nhờ đó lãnh đạo hiệu quả hơn, hãy chia sẻ tình huống của bạn và nhận sự tự vấn trực tiếp từ Anphabe Advisor- Diễn giả , Thạc sỹ Xã hội học Trần Đình Dũng – Giám Đốc Điều Hành Khuê Văn Accademy.


    Tran Dinh Dung's picture

    Tran Dinh Dung

    Founder and CEO
    Khue Van Academy


    The discussion is open from 24-10-2012 to 24-11-2012

    The advisor answered on 22-11-2012

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    How to Effectively Plan Your Career Path?

    Besides talent, career planning is also a key factor in one's professional success. How to plan effectively and achieve big milestones in your career? Share your stories and get advised from Anphabe Advisor – Ms. Nguyen Thi Van Anh – Managing Director of Navigos Search.

    Hoạch Định Con Đường Sự Nghiệp

    Ngoài tài năng, việc lên kế hoạch nghề nghiệp đóng vai trò rất quan trọng cho quá trình thăng tiến. Làm thế nào hoạch định và đạt tới những bước chuyển lớn trong sự nghiệp? Chia sẻ thắc mắc của bạn và nhận sự tư vấn trực tiếp từ Anphabe Advisor- Ms. Nguyễn Thị Vân Anh – GĐĐH Navigos Search


    Van Anh Nguyen's picture

    Van Anh Nguyen

    Managing Director, Navigos Search
    Navigos Group


    The discussion is open from 07-09-2012 to 12-10-2012

    The advisor answered on 05-10-2012

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    Building Relationship Capital

    More than 50% of successful jobs and business leads come from relationships, not from public job board or advertising. The biggest property of a businessman is not money, cars, houses or shares. It is their RELATIONSHIPS. Talk to Anphabe’s Advisor – Mr. Nguyen Tuan Quynh, Chairman of Saigon Fuel Oil, to understand more about this “social capital” and how to build it up.


    Quynh Nguyen Tuan's picture

    Quynh Nguyen Tuan

    Member of Board of Management


    The discussion is open from 14-05-2012 to 02-07-2012

    The advisor answered on 26-06-2012

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    Work Life Balance – Reclaim Your Control to Success

    The relationship between personal and professional life can be rocky. It’s tricky to maintain a healthy work life balance, especially when you are a leader or top performer in the organization. Within the same 24 hours per day, how can we restore harmony while still boosting productivity? Discuss with Anphabe's advisor- Mr.Paul Wong – Founder at Radical Coaching and other members to find out the effective strategy to deal with this never-ending issue.


    Paul Wong's picture

    Paul Wong

    Servant Leadership Facilitator


    The discussion is open from 21-03-2012 to 30-04-2012

    The advisor answered on 20-04-2012

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    How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age

    More than 75 years ago, Dale Carnegie wrote his most famous self-help book “How to win friends & influence people” (Đắc Nhân Tâm), which has been loved and applied by many people around the world. However, when today people “talk” via email, chat, social network, etc much more than face to face interaction, are those principles still applicable in this new digital era? Discuss with 's Advisor, Ms. Triana Newton - Regional Vice President of Dale Carnegie & Associates, to share and get shared practical tips.


    Thanh Nguyen's picture

    Thanh Nguyen

    Founder & CEO


    The discussion is open from 14-02-2012 to 19-03-2012

    The advisor answered on 14-03-2012

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    Career planning needs time and serious preparation as there are many important things to consider. How do you plan your career? What do you want to achieve in the next three, five or ten years? Talk to’s Advisor, Mr. Chris Harvey – CEO of VietnamWorks and Navigos Seach to get best tips for career planning.


    Chris Harvey's picture

    Chris Harvey

    Founder & CEO


    The discussion is open from 15-12-2011 to 19-01-2012

    The advisor answered on 16-01-2012

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    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an important task at many big companies in Vietnam today. What kind of activities are CSR? How to implement CSR in an effective manner for a more sustainable business? Talk to Anphabe’s Advisor – Mr. Ly Truong Chien, Chairman of TriTri Group to get practical insights.


    Chien Ly Truong's picture

    Chien Ly Truong

    Tri Tri Corporation


    The discussion is open from 14-11-2011 to 08-12-2011

    The advisor answered on 05-12-2011


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