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FIFA 20 Latest News: Team Of The Year (TOTY) Start Date Now Has Officially Revealed

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  Well, the most influential news about FIFA 20 in recent is kind of the time about FIFA 20 Team of the Year (TOTY).

  FIFA 20 Team Of The Year (TOTY) start date was now revealed Wednesday as the biggest promotion of the Ultimate Team year is on the horizon.

  As you know, Team Of The Year (TOTY) features the single most increased squad in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. Eleven players are awarded insane boosts to relevant categories and then making them the most sought after FUT cards. And of course, at that time, if you want to purchase one of them, you need to spend massive FIFA 20 coins.

  Below, the tweet is about when Team Of The Year (TOTY) is scheduled to start.

  And now, FIFA 20 Team Of The Year Start Date Revealed:

  According to the official explanation, FIFA 20 Team Of The Year (TOTY) is scheduled to start on Monday, January, 6.

  Following the very same model as previous events, now it's expected that attackers will be the very first group of players released. Attackers will be followed by midfielders and then eventually defenders. After each individual group has been launched, then all cards will be in packs for a quite limited time, (Therefore, you'd better buy these cards as soon as possible with your very hard-earned FUT 20 coins).

  A lot of FIFA fans expect similar Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) from FIFA 19 in which players like Gareth Bale received a nominee card for his very own effort in the Champions League final.

  It's looking like a quite tight race for who makes the final starting ELEVEN. We are pretty sure that fans expect Alisson Becker, Andrew Robertson, Lionel Messi, and Virgil Van Dijk to make the squad. Other than those players, fans might be in for a surprise, but the issue is, those players are quite rare and very hard to come by, if they really want to buy, they'd better has enough FIFA 20 coins to spend.

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