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Carlsberg Tomorrow Leaders Program 2020 - Management Trainee

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    Carlsberg Tomorrow Leaders Program 2020

Each talented student is treasured as a precious asset that Carlsberg Tomorrow Leaders values and cherishes for success. Like our message “Something’s brewing”, at Carlsberg Vietnam, we will nurture you to reach “A better you is brewing”.


Established in Denmark in 1847, the Carlsberg Group is one of the leading brewery group in the world today, with a large portfolio of beer brands. We’re currently the biggest beer producer in the Eastern European market, second biggest in Western Europe, and standing proudly as one of the three biggest Brewers worldwide.

 In 2017, Carlsberg earned a spot as the 6th most highly-regarded company in the world (from all industries) rated by Forbes – and was the only FMCG company that was named in the top 10 of the lists.

 With more than 170 years of history; Carlsberg Group is present in 150 countries and employs 41 thousand staff over 3 Continents. 140 famous international beer brands are under Carlsberg Group management including: Carlsberg, Tuborg Banc, Grim Bergen, Somersby etc... In Vietnam, we produce and market Carlsberg Smooth Draught, Tuborg, Huda, Huda Ice Blast, Huda Gold, Halide Export, and Halida



·         The only MT Program of MNC – FMCG company which the headquarter is in the North

·         Oversea assignment within Carlsberg regional country.  

·         Mentorship by senior leader during the development of the program.

·         Chance to expand and vary your span of knowledge with practical experience through job rotation

·         Offering 24 - month program: BUILDING NETWORKS, BEING CHALLENGED

·         Competitive and attractive remuneration package.



·         Supply chain: Production (Hue province), Logistics, Procurement (Hue & Hanoi)

·         Commercial: Marketing, Sales (HCM, Hanoi, Hue)

·         Cooperated Function: Human Resources, Finance (Hanoi, Hue)



·         Fresh graduates from Bachelor or Master with maximum 1 year of working experience

·         GPA (Grade point average) of 2.8/4 or equivalent

·         English proficiency, Creative thinking and good analytical skills, Leadership potential

·         Ability to work well under high pressure

·         Hunger for challenge and development

·         Passion to work in the FMCG sector

·         Available to start working by July 2020



·         Complete the application form and attaching your CV in our website: the link is going to open from 21st Feb 20 to 21st March 20  (pls access this Entertainment again within the duration)

Links to visit to get program details:

·         Website:

·         Facebook:

·         Email:

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