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Strategy meeting at home? Should or should not?

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No matter where you are in the company, you know how to make strategy meeting at certain point (yearly review, next year plan, etc..). We do that often cause we believe it help us work more effectively. Why we didn't do this at home with our partner? and may even feel very award if we do so?

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  • herbert white's picture
    herbert white

    Yes! That is an excellent question. Maybe it is stages of partnering. You could probably turn this into a book.

    The individual: Create your plan for you, considering your own self interest first.

    The first date: When you meet someone of interest ask them if they have a plan and if not ask them to prepare one.

    Dating: If there is continued interest then exchange plans and see if there is an affiliation agreement where you can work together. Have clear dates towards the next step.

    Engagement - If progressing to a long term relationship then update the plans and create the definitive agreement that defines how together you will support each others plans and update them routinely. Include the exit provisions - if someone is failing, what provisions are allowed to address the failure and when can the other party exit.

    Wedding: The closing of the merger - and like any merger it includes a celebration.

    This may sound funny but really there are so many that go from meeting a person to marriage and children without any discussion on plans, personal desires, etc. It would be worthwhile to have distinct steps that drive thoughtful discussions and allow for continuous refinement/improvement. It may sound unromantic but I do believe that you can have both. Relationships are fragile, more than we can realize..

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  • Pascal Ho Ba Dam's picture

    Yes definitely, it should be done.
    Are you married already? If yes, may be too late.
    if not you can read "If love is a game, here are the rules" by Cherie Carter-Scott.
    - This is what Cherie Carter-Scott recommend before getting married. A kind of audit on life before during after marriage and many aspects of life.
    - This is what marriage counselor recommend before getting divorced.

    Because Love makes us decide on our longest contract in a lifetime with our heart, where as a marriage is a daily reasons to live and do things in harmony, both rowing the same boat in the same direction for many years.
    More on that, contact me

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