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Teacher - a noble job, and tough one as well. How can a good English teacher make more money?

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Dear all,
There is one thing I have been wondering. It is no secret that teachers do not get paid what they should. Although English teachers have quite better salary than many others in the Education field, their salaries are often just enough to live on. So what do teachers (me myself and for those who are in the same situation having a passion for a real change in life) do when looking for more money to pay off bills or prepare for a better life? Could you please help me do this systematically or give some ideas to move on, e.g: making online courses, websites, or something relating to business, etc. beside the traditional teaching in schools? I do love teaching and sharing my knowledge and experience. Thank you so much for any advice. I really appreciate and look forward to replies from anyone - from anyone.

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  • Stephen Cooper's picture
    Stephen Cooper

    Can only reference Hanoi, however it is not as easy as 1,2,3. The centres that pay the money, that will make a difference to your life, market the benefits of learning with a native speaker and so the customers are actually quite resistant to having a local teacher take the class, even though they may have years more experience and on paper are much better qualified. Increasingly however, as the overall exposure to the language permeates society and the 'typical' pronunciation difficulties naturally disappear , there will be much less need for the use of the 'native'. If you want to get onto the money-go-round now, to attain a post and be accepted by the students and the centre management as credible, you need to attain a Masters in the English Language and a Cambridge teaching certificate CELTA. Some will also insist on an IELTS band 7 and above or equivalent TOEFL score. You then qualify for the $25++ per hour.

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  • Joseph Vu's picture
    Joseph Vu

    I took some courses for English in the past (with Cleverlearn) and the only I got is the suck teachers who only teach what he has... not what students (clietns) needs and wants... So, learning by yourseft is the best way... I think... even learning from mistakes is a great way...

    I know that many people are not confident when they speak English so they find courses and looking for good teachers to teach them. Hence, my adive is: Your focus on quality of your service and let the market come to you... Dont focus on take too many classes.. If you do that, you will meet someone like me.. and you got the message.


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  • Teaching is a good job and it is not only money based but you love! So, when you love it, you should be a good teacher and get more money ! The matter is that do you think you are a good teacher and your students all say that?

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