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What do you think? Should we study/work abroad for a year or so in order to develop ourselves?

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  • Pham Duy Anh's picture
    Pham Duy Anh

    As my idea, learning is everywhere!
    learning and lesson depend on how desire you motivate yourself!

    For learning abroad's answer:
    How do you choose to be desired learning abroad?
    What make you think it will develop yourself so far ?
    What do you feel when you get and do not get it ?

    is there any important thing more than that?
    Is there any possible reason stopping you ?
    What next after graduating?

    and then do what the inside you wanna do! :)

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  • Kenji Hachiya's picture
    Kenji Hachiya

    We can choose wherever the place we can study or work as far as financial and family situation allow us. I think more important for us is to determine our mind to be a part of the world or stay in domestic. When we be a part of the world, even staying in Vietnam, we have lots of chances to communicate with the people from all over the world.

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  • Stephen Cooper's picture
    Stephen Cooper

    Yes, if the opportunity is available. Studying, working and living in another country can only broaden your range of experience by introducing personal challenge and experiencing diversity. There will always be a choice to be made as to whether or not it is the right time to do something. Remain positive and the opportunity will not be wasted.

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  • Pascal Ho Ba Dam's picture

    The only skill you want to get when going abroad is survival skills and adaptability.
    My daughter and my son 12 and 8 speak english like wind from HCMC Cartoon Network and disney channel.
    In Vietnam you can learn everything... thanks to youtube, Internet and
    But the 1 thing most Vietnamese miss is to mingle with people they don't know. go to any expat event, chamber of commerce... one side the Vietnamese, the other side the expats and vietkieu.

    Learn to beat your fear of the unknown, of the stranger, of the other culture, of the uncomfort zone. Start in Vietnam then test yourself in real situation, move to a country with minimum money and see if you can survive and thrive without support from your parents or your savings. The greatest lesson will be how to master yourself to be able to live in any environment... easier to test abroad as you don't even speak the language.
    NB. I tried that in UK, Spain, Japan and Vietnam... once you got the skill, you will be truly independent and free.

    • hZWZl5xkkW6ZnJqExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsm2pTcdGrrZenVW7VbW6eUp3Zppeky9TSg5_XnJiUaoObydbWpNLZqJrYc9um2qWeroyxgVpz2W9qbVaplqqan9hSbJGdaXCtqG1snFWX0qOuyaqTmcaHn9SemJyIl2aSbIae3-A.
  • Rosie Vu's picture
    Rosie Vu

    I asked this question on here over 3 months ago and today when I spend time on reading up all the responses that I got, I still feel really grateful for getting all of your helpful pieces of advice, to be honest. You never know how much it means to me. Thank you a lot!!:)

    Truth is, I do not have financial assistants from my family. My parents can not afford that much money, not even the ticket. Therefore, I think if I make a decision to study abroad, I will work few years first and save up till I get enough like @Phat Minh Tran suggested.

    Truth is, I think I have an independent thought or at least I think I have to. I am the eldest of three children in the family. So if you think that the oldest usually bear the brunt of responsibility and must set the examples for their younger siblings, I can not agree with you more. Perhaps that's why I often see myself have too many of thoughts and I try to keep those thoughts deep inside my mind. I don't know if he means it, but my father always shows his disbelief in his first child, talking things on the disbelief more than encouragement. Thus, often times I try to deal with every problem on my own and tell to myself that I have to fight with all the difficulties alone, or else not only can I be a support for my younger sisters, but also proves the thing that my father is right when suspecting me. That is to say family is not usually where I go to when having difficulties. Unintentionally, they put pressure on me and I feel like not allowed to make mistakes.

    Truth is, I still hold the idea of studying abroad. However, I reckon I should find advisors for myself, who will help me go on in a right direction, act wisely, choose the right path to go. Actually I found one who supports me a lot, right here on Anphabe.:) I do not think I am incompetent so as long as I get help in strategy or things like that, even I have to try harder than anyone else, I will try my best.

    For those who care for my plan for the future / career development, I have a desire to own a hotel. At the moment, I am studying and working on public relations. I believe it helps me with my own intention and truth is if there is a job I want to do the most before establishing a hotel, it is to work with media in PR, marketing... So what are ways do you think I should go to achieve my biggest dream with my tight budget? Thank you in advance for sharing with me!:)

    • hZWZl5ximHCbk5KExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsm2pTcdGrrZenVW7VbW6eUp3Zppeky9TSg5_XnJiUaoObydbWpNLZqJrYc9um2qWeroyxgVpz2W9qbVaplqqan9hSbJGdaXCtqG1snFWX0qOuyaqTmcaHn9SemJyIl2aScoae3-A.
  • Pascal Ho Ba Dam's picture

    Take it easy, you have already taken some right steps to move on responsibly, not every one is made to be superman and solve all problems, sometimes created by others. Why don't you send me a resume, we need PR-Marketing person?

    • hZWZl5ximHCbk5KExaBkb-GkoGOYcFLJpMWoq4DHo5ifmatXc6xsm2pTcdGrrZenVW7VbW6eUp3Zppeky9TSg5_XnJiUaoObydbWpNLZqJrYc9um2qWeroyxgVpz2W9qbVaplqqan9hSbJGdaXCtqG1snFWX0qOuyaqTmcaHn9SemJyIl2aTbIae3-A.
  • Trang Tran's picture
    Trang Tran

    you should in case you have a lot of questions that cannot be solved in VN. therefore you will push yourself to study when you're abroad :)

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